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This is a quick little blog post to tell you to go read the very informative blog post of a friend of mine. It’s all about how you can help your favorite bloggers out, just by sharing. Sometimes it’s easy just to read your favorite blogs, but in order to keep us going, we need YOUR help! This post sums it up better than I can, so please GO READ IT (and the comments below). The only thing I’ll add specifically is that if you see a post or a picture from a blogger on facebook that you love, click SHARE, comment, or LIKE it! It helps us with our REACH, which helps us get more clicks, which helps sustain us enough to share!  Facebook has been frustrating for bloggers, and this is how you can help! But for now, click on the picture below, or go directly to this post on Sawdust & Embryo’s.

Sharing is Caring {Sawdust and Embryos}_thumb[5]{source}


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  1. Checking that out now. Thanks!

  2. Jalal: Thank you, and the same to you. Except the Christmas part.Paul: I think Mars is far too near to be the source of such bairzre behavior.raph: No.Mush: I know!David: If only he really knew that all I wanted was those combs.anapestic: Also, we’ll have upgraded from a brownstone in Crown Heights to a townhouse on the Upper East Side, so we’ll each have our own floor from which to brood and stew.

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