Simple April Fools Day Prank: Edible Kitty Litter

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This Simple April Fools Day Prank will surely make your kids squirm then laugh! It’s so so easy, it can be just ONE ingredient, or go the extra mile with 3 ingredients. It’s edible kitty litter. Scroll down to see how to make this easy prank.

Super Simple April Fools Day Prank Edible Kitty Litter

Simple April Fools Day Prank: Edible Kitty Litter

Ok, so if you REALLY want to go simple, just buy some brownie bites at the store. You COULD make a batch of brownies, but that takes time, and sometimes…I just want super easy! I go to the store at least once a week, and love those already made brownies in the bakery. If you want to go the extra mile and make the “kitty litter” then get some golden oreos and some vanilla pudding for a delectable treat.


  • 10 brownie bites
  • 1 package golden oreos
  • 1 box vanilla pudding

In a container (you can even use a kitty litter box, but I used an aluminum pan) spread the vanilla pudding. Sprinkle with crushed oreos, then roll brownies in your hands to form logs!

That’s it!  I trailed some “poop” down the hall and on my front porch. Kept the pudding chilled.

Watch my little video where I share about the prank as I show how to do put it together.

YouTube video

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