Sock bun curls~No heat!

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I just found this via pinterest/you tube the other day and I am so stinkin’ excited!  I grabbed an old sock of my hubby’s, chopped off the toe and immediately rolled it in my hair.  With just one try, and 2 bobby pins later, it was my church hair, and thats a big deal to venture out for church!  Now let me just add that I am very low maintenance when it comes to my hair.  I was blessed with a thick mane, and I try to flat iron it or do something twice a week, but I really only wash it 2 or 3 times a week.  I walk around with frizz quite often (when I just let it air dry and do nothing else).  I have been very excited about all the fun hair tutorials online, but they have to be a quick “do” to hold my attention. Cute Loepsie with an accent that I can’t quite detect taught me how to do it from her you tube tutorial. I get impatient with videos, so I thought I’d do a little step by step in pictures.  Only problem is my 1o year old took most of these and the focus is off in some.  Oh well…you get the point!

Ok, so I just took a sock that was sortof the color of my hair.  Brown would have been closer, but this faded black worked.  Just in case it showed through when I wore my bun at church, I didn’t want hot pink poking out. I cut the toe off of the end.

And then rolled it up into a little sock donut.


I put my hair on top of my head for a high ponytail (this was to sleep in).  Loepsie suggested getting it damp (not soaking) with a water bottle now, too. I’ll also add that my hair was blown dry this morning, but she shows on the tutorial that hers air dried and it was sorta frizzy.

You pull the sock donut with your hair through, to the ends and start wrapping.

Sorta hard to tell, but I am wrapping the ends over the sock donut and tucking it under.  Uneven ends makes it sorta tricky, but just keep pushing it under.

Then flip the donut with the hair attached and roll it all closer to your head.  Seperate the hair circular around the sock.

This is how it is all on  top like a big pineapple.

I wouldn’t wear this out, but I pulled it down a few inches towards the back of myhead when I word the sock bun out in public.

Voila!  I told a few friends that a sock was in there, and they were amazed…couldn’t even see it!

Here is a look from the back.  In this pic, I can see the sock poking out a bit from the top, I would just wrap it and stick a little bobby pin to hold it in place.

Then I went to sleep and slept on it all night. Not a bother on top of my head. This is how it looked when I woke up.

I started to unroll the sock bun and pull my sock donut out.

Check it out!

Then pull the rubber band out…

Check the curls…and NO heat! It stays in all day!

 I am very excited about this method, as it is quick and easy and I like the bun for wear, and the curls…try it!

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  1. So cute! Makes me wish I had kept my long hair, or maybe not! I think her accent is Dutch…

  2. Very cute “)

  3. Jacqueline says:

    Neat, I’m going to have to try that!

  4. that is super neat…i just don’t have enough hair to try!! but i will pass along to my sister for sure..thanks for sharing.

  5. Interesting, I have seen doing sock curls overnight before but I will have to try this one out….it’s off to my orphan sock basket!

  6. I am SO excited to try this! Maybe you can show me how in California?

  7. i love your “just woke up” pic! wonder if this will work on my shorter hair … will give it a try!

  8. So excited to try this. Ever since I moved here my hair has been a hot mess!!! If this works I so owe you :). Hopefully I can figure it out.

  9. Sarah Cox says:

    I saw that on pinterest too! But my hair is too short! Glad it worked for you!

  10. It looks fantastic!! I have shoulder length hair and have been using an elastic headband before bed based on this tutorial: I love how it lasts all day!! Everyone comments on my hair, thinking I spent all this time on it. 🙂

  11. Elisabetta says:

    I tried this last night, and it did not turn out like yours. My hair is extremely thick,wavy, and freezy, and when i woke up it looked like i had an afro. Should i use some type of hair product to dampen my hair, instead of using water? if so, which hair product should i use? 🙂

  12. I also found the photo on pinterest, watched the same youtube video (shes too cute for words) and tried it out last night! I however did the bun really high on my head and probablly too tight too. I have a massive volume of curls this morning and feel like I should wear a fancy dress and go to a dance or something 🙂

    So EASY – I feel almost cheated of this ‘new’ technique!

  13. Gorgeous! Wishing I’d left my hair long now. And not permanently straightened it, either…

  14. Patrica Mares Munoz says:

    I like your shared tips. I hope soon i share mine. and we get the same stuff: the photography hobbie. Saludos!

  15. I watched her video too. I liked her accent 🙂 I tried this the other night and it didn’t work, but after reading your post realized I forgot to spritz my hair with water. Duh! So I did it again last night with great results. Too bad it’s really rainy and my curls won’t last that long. I have had the bun out for 3.5 hrs and sprayed the curls with lightweight hairspray. They have turned into really loose waves already. Maybe I will have better results on a not so humid day. It was super easy to do. I usually just flat iron my hair straight. I never curl my layers because I’m just not good at it. I always get flipped out ends from my curling iron. I do have better results using my flat iron to make curls, but this sock bun trick is even easier. I’m so excited about this technique I’m going to post my pictures to my blog one of these days. Thanks for the step by step pics. I originally discovered this on Pinterest, but no one showed exactly how to roll the sock up in your hair like you did 🙂

  16. does this work with thick hair?
    and is there a possible way to make the curls higher
    ive tried this but could never get past the part where you roll the sock bun down the ponytail! it always comes out and my extra hair what do i do with the extra hair sticking out of the bun? do i tuck it in the sock or pin it to the sock bun. i was on youtube all night trying to figure that out but couldnt i really need help on the whole thing could you make a video please and email the link? please sincerly,Jessica

  17. so adorable can u make a video that would be awesome!

  18. Hi 🙂 I’ve seen this before but I always need to wash my hair in the mornings – how long do you think I would have to leave the bun in without sleeping in it before the curls would stay? Yours look beautiful by the way! Felicia

  19. wow youre really pretty even when youve just woken up! I saw this video too and I am going to do it when I have an old sock! lol

  20. amazing… i have long hair… and i love curls! thanks for sharing! 🙂

  21. you should try the headband curls!!

  22. you should try the headband curls! (:

  23. Megan Amato says:

    I tried this last night and my “curls” came out very crunchy..any idea what might have happened?

    • Christine says:

      Was there any kind of product in your hair? Could it be the texture of your hair? Did you get your hair wet first?
      The first night I did this I did it w/my hair dry & it felt a bit “crunchy”. The second night I put my ponytail on top of my head 🙂 & then got just the ponytail wet (not soaked, just damp) & put in a bit of leave in conditioner. The difference was huge!

  24. my sister just showed me this, I love it! Will be wearing it this way often!

  25. Gloria Brashier says:

    That was the best ‘picture’ explanation of how to do this sock thingy. Didn’t understand how to do it til I saw your pics. Thx

  26. I used to have long hair. My mom cut it off and now it’s so short, kids at my school couldn’t recognize me. Now that i look at these steps i wished i had long hair 🙁

  27. WHO KNEW???!

  28. This is so pretty 🙂 I’m going to try it out soon!

  29. Ahhh! I love this. Trying it out right now. 😀

  30. Great curls, Kristen! Off to maim a sock right this minute and have a go myself.
    Loepsie is Dutch. It takes one to know one 😉

  31. So cute!!! 😀

  32. tried the socks on my 9 yr olds bone-straight long hair last night; the socks; i used 4-5. her curls were gorgous this morn. & lasted all day. so easy!

  33. Amazing works perfectly

  34. Christine says:

    WOW! This works like magic…I LOVE it 🙂 My hair & my way of hair care is almost exactly like Kristin described hers, only mine is really, really thick. The point is it worked but my curls were all but gone in a few hours. Since I was just testing it out I didn’t apply any product or do anything to try & make them last though. Surprisingly the bun is comfortable to sleep in, especially if you have long hair! *SUGGESTION…For thick hair, use a more thin & “breathable” sock for better results.

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  36. wow!


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