Our stay at the Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel and Conference Center

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The weekend before school started, I thought it would be fun to have a little staycation with my family. I was delighted when the Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel and Conference Center agreed to host us for two nights, so I split it up to maximize the adventure. The first night we had a girls sleepover with my two daughters, their good friends + mom. If you’ve been around a while, you might remember I did this with my older daughter a few years ago, and we made chocolate face masks.  The second night, the friends went home, and the boys joined us. It’s always an adventure, just staying at a hotel, right?

Well our sweet was quite luxurious. It was officially two bedrooms connected by a sitting room, but the couch pulled out to make a bed for the little ones, which fit our group perfectly. I documented the arrival on snapchat, and I’ll share in a video below. The Sheraton left us some sweet treats upon our arrival, and the girls SQUEELED with delight!

I’ll share all the details…but first, THIS VIEW! Lush and green and beautiful.

View from the Sheraton Georgetown Texas

This hotel is brand new, and for those not familiar with Georgetown in Texas, it’s about 30 minutes North of Downtown Austin. Just 10 miles north of ME. I’ve been trying to talk my husband into throwing a Running Conference for a while, and as I looked around the Conference Center, the resurgence of that desire popped up again, as I elbowed him in the side as another hint to do it. I also noticed that our high school scheduled to have the PROM there at the end of the year. I can see why, it’s in a great location, and so beautiful on the inside.

Here are a few stunning images taken by the hotel:

The conference center main ballroom

San Gabriel Ballroom

View of the neighboring parkSheraton Georgetown and Rivery Park

Sheraton Georgetown Pool View from Rivery

When we arrived, we were greeted with cold bottled water upon check in, which in August in Texas, is a GREAT gift. The little girls were handing coloring books, made special for the Sheraton Georgetown with Texas artwork on the inside. I LOVED the gray tones of the interiors, the textured walls, so many beautiful details went into this hotel.

We entered the middle/sitting room first, just look at the amazing fabric on the furniture.

Austin Texas Luxury Hotel Room

This is the couch that folded out that the two younger girls slept on the first night, and my two girls slept on the 2nd night. Maybe not two adults super comfortably, but great for kids! There was also a TV in the room, so 3 TV’s total which was great/not great…haha! We all need some unwind time at the end of the day, right?

This is looking at the room from the window. You can see the bar area, and mini fridge in the back.

Austin hotel and conference center

Here are my girls walking into this room from a bedroom.

Luxury Hotel in Austin Georgetown Texas

This is the bedroom on the left, I loved the settee (is that what you call it?) by the window.

Sheraton Georgetown Texas hotel room

Then there are the bathrooms–there were 3 of them!

Sheraton Georgetown Texas hotel bathroom


I definitely DID NOT jump on this bed…but it was a cozy slumber, thats for sure. At home, I sleep with a fan on for white noise, and I try to remember to bring a small one when I travel. I forgot, and was worried, but this bedding, I just sunk into, and slept like a baby. It also helped that each room had it’s own thermostat, and my room was NICE AND CHILLY!

Sheraton Texas

This is what the girls squealed about upon entry…chocolate covered strawberries left out for us.

chocolate covered strawberries

There was also some local to Georgetown favorites: Mini Galaxy Cupcakes (also part of the squeal), a Jack Allen’s Kitchen cookbook (one of my favorite local restaurants), and fresh made jam.

Jack Allens Kitchen Cookbook

Treats are always a big hit.

After hanging out in the room for a bit, and freshening up, the 6 of us headed out to our dinner plans.

Sheraton friends sleepover

El Monumento is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the Sheraton Georgetown, just off of the delightful Georgetown Square (I often do photo shoots there). I’d heard about this delightful Mexican restaurant for a long, long time from friends, but had never experienced it myself.

El Monumento Mexican restaurant Georgetown Texas

The guac was amazing with bits of mango in it, I fell in love with the horchata (cinnamon rice drink), a seasonal fruit drink, and the queso, tacos, flautas, were just all around pure delicious-ness. I’ve heard the Asada and Carnitas are the local faves, too.

El Monumento Mexican Georgetown Texas

Nice thick chips, too. YUM!

We sat out on the patio, and enjoyed quite a nice evening, with a view of the Blue Hole swimming spot just below us.

Best Place to eat in Austin Texas

We got the tres leches cake, el ray chocolate cake, and key lime pie to take back to the hotel and enjoy later. They were also delicious!  Our girls maybe had too much fun roaming around, playing a short game of tag on the outdoor patio {Enter giant eyeball emoji}

I’m anxious to go back soon to El Monumento, and try their weekend brunch now. See the menu here. I love that they have brunch on Saturday AND Sunday, since we don’t eat out on Sundays.

Back at the hotel, the girls were overjoyed to fit in some night swimming. Apparently it was on the summer bucket list for our friends, so THAT was fun to help fulfill for them. The outdoor pool at the Sheraton Georgetown stays at the same temperature all year round (I think I heard 83 degrees). The girls had a GRAND ole time with their night swimming, and my friend and I had fun sitting on the pool chairs on the sidelines chatting away.

We went back to the room, watched our respective shows, and had an excellent nights sleep.

In the morning, we bid farewell to our friends, and I took my girls to get their nails done. My oldest chose a cool marbeling method from the sample, and we were surprised it was done with a sharpie! Special nails for the start of school.

Nails for my girls

We went back to the hotel, and our boys met us there. It turned into a rainstorm outside, so we enjoyed the evening in the hotel, instead of walking the hike n bike trails from the hotel to the river. Alas…next time.

I love this shot I grabbed of my hubby that I shared to Snap Chat that day.

relaxed in the rain

The rain stopped for a few minutes, and we tried the pool at night, but I think it chilled it off more than the kids cared for with that fresh rain.

My husband and I went for an evening workout in the gym, and I was impressed with the equipment options, and individual TV’s on the machines! I love when a hotel gym has more than a bike and treadmill. There were full on weights, medicine balls, and foam rollers.

We walked around the lower level to check out the Conference Center, and it was very, very nice. My husband and I have both attended our fair share of conferences, and it was a classy spot. I urged him again to get that Running Conference thing going, and have it there. He just smiled with a nod.

My daughter found this set of chairs she loved in the conference center area

Sheraton Georgetown Conference Center

In closing, why not a close up of myself and my camera?


camera iphone case

Snapped with my iphone, I grabbed a picture of the camera phone case I’m currently sporting. I LOVE it! I get a comment on it at least daily, as people are confused as to whether or not it’s a real camera.

You can grab one of your own on Amazon in pink, black, or white.

Here are a few more pictures from the Sheraton Georgetown website:

Sheraton Georgetown Texas heated pool

Where to stay in Austin Hotel room at Sheraton Georgetown Texas

Here are a few fun facts about the hotel:

  • Complimentary highspeed wireless Internet access (hallelujah!) and LED flatscreen TVs 
  • 222 rooms including 11 suites Room sizes range from 364 to 742 sq. ft. 
  • The Sheraton Georgetown Hotel & Conference Center is fully equipped to handle meetings and events of all sizes. With over 30,000 square feet of functional space, Sheraton offers everything from 14 different meeting rooms to a spacious, 7,000squarefoot outdoor space.
  • Sheraton Georgetown Texas introduces Brix And Ale, the hotel’s signature restaurant specializing in classic comfort cuisine.. The menu fuses classic Mexican flavors with grilled seafood and steak options, and sharable small plates. Restaurant specialties include flatbreads, house made potato chips and snacks, all paired together with a locally sourced craft beer and a signature wine program. Sadly, we didn’t get a chance to visit the hotel restaurant on our quick stay, but the menu (and 24 hour room service) looked amazing.
    When you come to Austin Texas, check out the Sheraton Georgetown!

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