Texas Wildlife Ranch

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We went here the other day and had lots of fun seeing the exotic animals. I love this shot of the pretty bird. I need to find out what its called.
*Edited to add a few details about these animals.

I found out this is a Crowned Crane. It is the National bird of Uganda. They have a beautifully unique dance that incorporates head bobbing, wing fluttering, leaps and bows. It is believed that they bring rain so their dances are mimiced by Ugandans in ritual dances. Cool, huh?

I was most excited about the zebras, but was bummed that he hid amongst the trees. My zoom lens caught him pretty well though. No 2 zebras hve the same stripe patterns, prints are even different on opposite sides of the body. They have a very aggressive nature and have a mean bite.

The ostriches came right up to our car, and even pecked at our window for food. It was pretty funny. They are the only bird in the world with 2 toes. Can run as fast as 45 mph!
And I always love a pretty giraffe. This was shot through a fence, I hear they walk up to your car at the ranch in Dallas, I want to try to go there someday. Here is what my pamplet says about the giraffe: An Arab word meaning, “the one that walks very fast.” There is only 1 species of giraffe. However, there are 9 subspecies , each with a different spotting pattern. The subspecies come from different regions in Africa. The tallest land mammal, as tall as 19 feet. When giraffes walk they swing both feet on one side of the body at the same time.
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  1. Picture Perfect says:

    Fun shots Kristen! Especially the first one =)

  2. Wow- looks like you got up close and personal with them- beautiful shots!

  3. Michelle Kynaston says:

    wow, they're beautiful!

  4. Fabulous shots! That bird is amazing!