Thankful for my Blessings

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Happy Thanksgiving! At least to all you celebrating in the U.S. Even to those not eating a giant turkey today, I wanted to share with you my gratitude for my blessings. I have so much to be thankful for, and I like to reflect on that because sometimes I get frustrated with things in life, but remembering the little and big things bring me back to reality of what is important.

It’s the typical, grateful for my awesome, supportive husband. I can be grumpy sometimes, and he knows how to snap me out of it the best. We’ve had our ups and downs, but we get each other. Sometimes we feel we can’t even have a normal conversation at home with all of the noise, but we’ve taken time to go on little getaways–at least for the weekend–about once a year. I love those little getaways.

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I’m grateful I’m a mother. I wanted it SO badly as a kid, that I had a fear that it wouldn’t happen. I’ve got 4 adorable, happy, kind, thoughtful, smart kids who, for the most part, get along well with each other. They play and build forts together, and my my momma heart so happy.  It’s so fun to watch them learn and grow and discover themselves, and I’m grateful I have the opportunity to help nudge them along, give them confidence and hugs and love.


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I’m grateful for my faith. My understanding of my purpose in life, is what guides me through difficult times. The perspective that I can be with my family forever gives my heart peace.

I'm a Mormon

I’m grateful for my health. I’ve been blessed with good, healthy genes (I rarely get sick). With all that I’ve been through to lose weight, I have worked really hard at keeping it off, and my quality of life is so much better–being in better shape.  If I don’t exercise every day…I am trying to figure out when I can do it next. It’s become a regular on my daily to-do list, and it surprises me, because I didn’t used to be that person.



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I’m grateful for the internet, that I can have a place to share my joys, and find that it helps other people, too. I’ve made friends that I wouldn’t have otherwise made, and learned so much reading about others lives. Grateful to hear from those of you that stop by, and happy to know you enjoy coming here! Thank you for contributing to my joy!

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving! What a wonderful post! Have fun on your trip. 🙂


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