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There’s pretty much nothing I love more than old photos. So I LOVE this series Kristen is putting together and can’t wait to see all these amazing bloggers back in the day! My name is Jamie and first, I’m a huge fan of Kristen’s šŸ™‚ I’m also one of the sisters that blogs over at The Letter 4.

Favorite picture of my husband as a toddler (on the right)

What I remember most about summer growing up is the slushies. Which sounds funny because where we grew up it actually didn’t get that warm in the summers! (check the coats in the picture below). But I remember getting so excited going to the store with my mom with a cup full of quarters, my mom would park in the corner while we all ran over to order our own, mine always some kind of mixed flavor and I remember my mom always wanted black cherry. We would run back to the car with slushies in hand, my mom would have me help eat the top of off Janae’s before we drove off (hehe!) and then we would sit out on the porch slurping down pure deliciousness. And for those moments with the summer breeze and the colors of the slushies, and spending time with my family, that was summer. That is what I will always fondly look back on and why I still love taking small trips to go get slushies.

Favorite picture of my family (only sad part is little sis Janae wan’t born yet!)

Thanks for having me Kristen! You all can visit us over at our blog anytime!

-xoxo Jamie @ The Letter 4

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  1. Kristen Duke says:

    Thanks, Jamie! I am lovin’ those vintage pictures!!! And where did you have to wear coats in the summer?!? Hilarious!

  2. i love reading this article so beautiful!!great job!