The Nosboh’s Family~

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Oh my, I had so much fun on my little adventure to Illinois.  Mainly because I got to hang with my friend and had some quality time with my son, but also because I got to photograph some fun new places!  This shoot is the reason I went…and though it was shot last of all the others (Saturday night), I had to post it first.  I did a “day in the life” with this family also…as I followed them around the house, at an ice cream shop, you name it (be patient, you’ll see them soon enough) just as though I was the papparazzi!

Below, we are at the beautiful Curtis Orchard.  It is just around the corner from this familys’  home and very special to them.  We got exclusive permission to go after hours, and the owners even lent us props (red crate, apple picker poles, yellow bags, and wagon) and allowed us to drive beyond the gate to get where we needed.  SO grateful, because we found a nice spot in the back of the orchard.  (In my scoping days before this, I purchased cold peach pie from their store and it was DE-licious).  I wish we had a place like this in Texas.

Had fun helping in the outfit coordination from afar as well as once I got there.  I love aqua and red together and we started with that idea in mind.  It was crazy HOT, but we had fun!



Beautiful family.  Adorble kids.  Stunning Location.

I spent the weekend with this fabulous family, see more pictures of them In their Home, Outside playing, and at the Ice Cream Shop.

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  1. simply gorge kristen!

    love them! love the outfits too…great color scheme.

  2. These look beautiful!! I love the colors they chose!

  3. Love these!! So glad you got to go there it is one place that holds many childhood memories close to my heart 🙂 The pie is SOOO good (and so are the donuts!)

  4. We love them! This captures the orchard and our family so well. I am dreaming of everything else! Sooooo excited. Having you here was so much fun. Thank you! Thank you!

  5. Love these pics! I have been dying to get some family photos in an orchard! Love how they turned out!

  6. The colors are stunning! And the little dresses are so pretty!

  7. LOVE the pictures ADORABLE!

  8. fabulous photos as usual!

  9. Fabulous…I love that you are brave enough to ask. I just don’t shoot there, if it is private. It bums me out. I need to get brave.

    how did you do the one of them looking up at you? did you have a ladder? or a big wide angle?

  10. OMG I LOOOOOOVE this shoot, and the clothing color make it all POP (you KNOW I’m a fan of turquoise and red!)…..VERY VERY hard to pick a favorite, I bet they order every shot you took! lol….but I really loved the picnic shots with the soda bottles……too fun!! They look like they should be in an advertisement!

  11. I’m not sure how I wound up on your website, but WOW!! These pictures are gorgeous! I wish I knew such a talented photographer in the Tampa area! Love the turquoise/red color combination – one of my favorites. I have a lot of those fabrics in my sewing stash. Amazing work!

  12. These are amazing!! I love the colors!

  13. Love the one of Linda throwing her head back laughing while holding the soda. Very cute. Amazing work Kris.


  1. […] Teal with red and lime green. I love this trio of colors. I like that one girl has a full dress pattern while the other has a pattern skirt. The necklace on the mom pulls in the red from her sons shirt and daughters hair bow. {This is my best friends’ family, and I flew out to visit her specifically to document her family, and I took a bajillion in this apple orchard and her home. Link over to see more! I also got to help put the clothes together, but she did a lot on her own.} […]