Top 15 posts of 2015

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2015 has come to a close, and one of my favorite things to see at the end of the year are the top posts that you all loved the most!  I can track the visits for each posts, and see the most popular. Here is a little sneak peek of the Top 15 posts of 2015!

Top 15 posts of 2015 on

Mmmmm, I need to make those cookies right now! My favorite…

You may also want to check out the top posts from years past, because they are also well loved, but this is a round up of JUST the 2015 posts shared.

Now, counting down, starting with number 15:

Honorable mention: Emoji Birthday Party This was practically a tie for 15th place, so I had to add it! LOVED this fun party for my 10 year old! I don’t know how we  lived without emoji’s.


15. Make a Family Photo Session Album Book

14. London Family Pictures

London-Family-Pictures-by-Shoot-Sweet-Photography-for-Capturing-Joy.com_13. Teacher THANK YOU printable


12. 10 Workouts to do in 20 Minutes or less

10-workouts-in-20-minutes-or-less11. Family Travel to Africa

Family-travel-to-Africa-including-travel-tips-humanitarian-ideas-tourist-spots-and-food-to-eat10. Be Kind Print and Coloring Page When my excellent contributor, Dawn, created this print, I then asked if she could also offer it as a coloring page, and it was a BIG hit! I love the idea of my girls coloring thoughtful quotes, and shared even more coloring pages as the year went on.

Be-Kind-Kids-Coloring-Page9. Guest Room Makeover

Guest-Room-Makeover-in-Progress-with-Sherwin-Williams-Navy-and-Pottery-Barn-bedding8. Fun Games for the Entire Family

Fun-Family-Games-for-the-entire-Family7. Our Family Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Our-Familys-Most-Favorite-Cookie-Recipe6. The Secrets of Blogging as a Business

Secrets-of-Blogging-As-a-Business5. Photo Booth Printables I completed the year of sharing photo booth props for BIG holidays, and combined, these rank really high, too. Most popular being the Valentine’s Day photo booth props, again (like the lunch jokes). Click on that main link, to see ALL photo booth props!

photo booth props

4. 12 Best Organization Hacks for your Kitchen

best-ktichen-organization-hacks3. Valentine’s Lunch Jokes  Really ALL of the lunch jokes are well loved, many were shared in 2015, but lots of new sets came in 2015.  I think these were used not only to slip into kids lunches, but as classroom Valentine’s, too.  Want more jokes? St. Patricks day Jokes //Brain Teasers and Misc. jokes //On the Farm lunch box Jokes //Under the Sea lunch box Jokes //FROZEN lunch box jokes //Fruit and Veggies Lunch box jokes //Christmas Jokes //Halloween Jokes //Thanksgiving Jokes

printable lunch jokes

2. Frozen Birthday Party  Who doesn’t love FROZEN?  This party, combined with the Frozen photo booth props, the Frozen lunch jokes, and the frozen party printables, along with the photo shoot of my daughter as Elsa, combined had a HIGH number of visits!

Frozen-party-table-decorations1. Colorful Gallery Photo Wall This is one of my new favorites spots in my home. Though it’s upstairs, I can see it from my entryway downstairs, and smile big at it when I walk by. I still peer into the colorful frames to see the fun pictures of us after our paint fight family pictures. I also have such great memories of my 90 year old grandparents DELIGHTING in helping me paint them, being useful.


Was there anything that you missed that you are just seeing for the first time right now? It was a great year of fun and family and travel, with a little struggle mixed in. That’s what life is all about though, to see the joy, even in the challenging. Ready to tackle 2016, starting with my smoothie a day challenge, I’d love to have you join!

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