Utah, I’m a comin’ your way!

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It’s true. I am Utah bound at the end of May. I will do a few mini sessions and if I can get at least 10 people to commit, I’ll do a beginners workshop.

3 mini photo sessions on Friday, May 27th 6 pm in Bountiful/Salt Lake area $250 for 30 min session, disc included.  Depending on the family size, I get about as much as I do in a full session.

Beginners workshop Saturday, May 28th 9-11 am in Ogden. $125 per person. See workshop details here. There is a slight discount to the other workshops because it is a tad shorter.

Here is a little feedback from 2 attendee’s in San Antonio last weekend:


From Amy:

Thank you SO much for coming!!  I *got* it!!  I really did!  I had taken another class months ago and just couldn’t figure out when the guy said “if you change one setting, you have to change them all,” and that’s where he lost me. 🙂  Your style of teaching was the PERFECT way to explain!  And yes, I’ve been practicing!   IT’s awesome!

From Jessica Jones who drove down from the Dalla area to attend:

I am so proud of myself and I had to show you! I’ve been playing with my camera non-stop since the class and it’s been so fun! Before the workshop I couldn’t get a single in focus shot in manual. My son and I were outside playing today and I snapped this picture that I was pretty proud of until I threw it into photoshop and used your color pop steps, then I was so beyond proud of it! It’s no where near photographer quality, but it’s SO much better than anything I’ve ever been able to do before. I can’t thank you enough for breaking this down for me and making this all seem like something that I can do.
Thanks again!

Here is Jessica’s shot straight out of camera using her manual settings (awesome) with a little color pop from directions out of the workshop notebook on the right (fantastic)!

 Contact me via comment or the form above to book a session or workshop.

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  1. I want that to say coming to MINNESOTA!!! please pretty please!

  2. Hooray! Now I have to see if my husband will let me take the trip up there.

  3. Come to Denver!!!!

  4. Sarah Cox says:

    I would like to sign up for the ogden class.

  5. Oh darn! I would love to come to your workshop … I just don’t think I can that weekend! Love your work though … I may have to buy your book if that’s possible!