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I went on a trip and have been swamped since I’ve been home. Here are a few fun shots I took while visiting my grandparents in Utah. Salt Lake City Temple.
My grandpa grew these HUGE zucchini in his garden–impressive.
Bridal Veil Falls near Provo–love it. So many fond memories from the college days at BYU.
Scenic country
My uncle (on the right in all 3) ropin’

Biggest pipe organ in the world?
We went here
to get these, because of her….
And we ran into her. We had a nice conversation, she inspires me.

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  1. Love the roping shots, and I love Nienie, too (and wouldn't mind trying something from the bakery..)!

  2. c m kynaston says:

    very cool – love the cowboy pictures. Love nienie's blog too. Amazing woman. Fun that you got to talk to her.

  3. Jane Eaton Hamilton says:

    That's more of Utah than I've ever seen! Love the roping shots and the shot in the field.