What I wore on my trip to Alaska

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The weather was hot and cold on our trip to Alaska, to see more of mine and my husbands adventure there, see the links below.

It was SO fun to read through all of the birthday messages you left me last week–thank you for taking the time to tell me your favorite posts on this blog!  A bunch of you said you love What I wore Wednesdays, and I know how much I love to see what other people wear, and sometimes the outfits that we “craft” don’t get to see the light of day. Have you ever heard the saying, “I wore a cute outfit today and didn’t run into anyone I know….what a waste!” (Or something like that)  So….with it being 105 degrees in Texas, I had to pack for 50 degree weather in Alaska. It was tough, but I managaed. I had to squeeze a few different coats in there, too.

This is one of my favorite simple outfits. I just got the shirt at Downeast on my trip to Utah, love the bright orange! I got the headband and bracelet in Utah also. The headband from Quincee’s in American Fork and the bracelet from a sidewalk sale in Provo from a cute little boutique I cannot for the life of me remember! It’s leather-ish and adjustable. I was SO excited to wear my boots that had been in my closet for 2 years (if you really want the brand, I’ll email it to you, in my room with hubby sleeping now). I loved them, but could not zip them up so well before my weight loss (I didn’t think my calves were overweight then).  SO happy I can wear them now! The shot below shows a better angle of the headband.  Though the shirt could use a necklace, I didn’t want to overdo it with my headband and bracelet, I wanted them to SHINE!

This next outfit is another fave, I love hot pink and black together.
I got this pink slicker/overcoat at Walmart a few months ago for $15! I simply love it, and with slight drizzles and chill, it worked just nicely. The hat is old and not sure where it came from. Turquoise camera bag from Jo Totes. Yellow Hoopla earrings. We were going on a whale watching day cruise.  My feet were cold.  Note to self: wear boots next time.
I wore this outfit to my Say NO to Auto workshop. Cardigan from Downeast, slacks from New York and Company outlet. Comfy and slightly sophisticated, eh?I wore this on my birthday, mint jeans from Target, flats old from Forever 21, and new shirt I got that day at Nordstrom;) Necklace (barely seen) from Quincee’s Boutique in American Fork, Utah. This was my “out to dinner” in the evening ensemble. I wore this to church our first day, and though I wasn’t really diggin the outfit, it was comfy enough for a few hours…then I changed into pants for the afternoon and threw on a my pink coat when we went up into the mountains.
Though it isn’t that exciting, this is my hiking attire. We hiked nearly every day.
And on the 4th of July, I was slightly patriotic in my red vest (seriously 15 years old or so) and navy tee. Then later on in my rain slicker I borrowed from my friend Stacey (see my hidden camera?).I brought my purple Old Navy tenny’s as a slightly cuter option than my running shoes.
Our second week at church I wore this Downeast skirt with my grocery store scarf I found a few months ago. LOVE this skirt! Teal  hoopla earrings, Target sunglasses.
Target mint jeans again with my sparkly forever 21 sweatshirt and boots. Hoopla earrings.

 This day I dubbed myself the ‘rainbow of fruit flavors” girl. Hubby and I went hiking in a glacier with our host, Katie, and it was a warm and cozy day, so I had my pink pants casually with my flats and a t-shirt, but when we went to the glacier, I put on my tenny’s, and bundled up as much as I could with what I had (another Walmart slicker on clearance a while ago). Kinda crazy colors!
I wish I could say this post helps to pack light and intermix items, but no…I didn’t think too much that way. I like to wear something different every day on a trip. I did smash it all into one suitcase though…even those boots! If you’d like to see the rest of my Alaskan trip, tune in the next week, as I’ve got lots to share!


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  1. I love your style!

  2. Heather Partridge says:

    LOVE your outfits! They are all super cute and creative.

  3. My Roommate! Your trip looked like fun and of course you look fabulous! Just wanted to say hello. I also saw you on the news here in Utah. What fun!

  4. Where did you get the cute jeans you wore with the orange shirt and on the hikes? They are SO cute!

  5. I love all your colors girl! You always look so put together!

  6. Yay, what a great post! I love so many things… especially your first outfit, your cute trench coats, and your striped maxi skirt! Looks like it was a spectacular trip – and you dressed so well the whole time!

  7. You look SO cute!! Come and take me shopping!

    Miss ya!

  8. Kristen Duke says:

    thank you, everyone!!!

  9. Oh My…you are super cute! And I jealous of your backdrop for your pictures!!!


  10. I really like the look with the Nordstrom top!! And the carefree picture too 🙂

  11. Love all these outfits! Can you pack my suitcase? Looks like you had a ton of fun on this trip!

  12. You can most definitely throw an outfit together. Great pictures.

  13. I loved that necklace you wore on your birthday with the peach shirt! And the super cute sweater the night of the workshop! I always want to pack enough to wear something different on each day of a trip too, I always pack more than I need because its likely Ill want to change! So great to have actually met you!! I think I love reading your posts now since meeting you even more than I did before 🙂

  14. How fun!!! You are too cute! I hope you had a fabulous trip and a fantastic birthday!

  15. Thanks for posting this! I have an Alaskan cruise coming up in June, and I am not sure what to wear! Do you have any additional tips? What was your weather like?

    Thank you,



    • Kristen Duke says:

      how fun!!! I was comfortable in a long sleeved t-shirt most of the time and took my light coat off and on. I didn’t bring too heavy of a coat, but I wished I wore socks/thicker shoes on our boat tour. I just wore flats and my feet were FREEZING with no escape!

  16. How to look like a inexperienced tourist: 101

    Your style is cute but very out of place in alaska