What I Wore to Walt Disney World

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{If you are new to my blog, I like to share on SOME Wednesdays what I wore in the past week, joining up with The Pleated Poppy’s fashion link party, and to challenge myself to be creative with my style. To see my past What I Wore Wednesdays posts head on over HERE.}

For those of you not following my facebook or instragram feeds, our family spent spring break last week in Walt Disney World. I’ve declared next week DISNEY WEEK on my blog, so tune in on Monday for trip details. Today, I’ll share what I wore…since I haven’t posted one of these in a LONG time!

When going on a trip, it is my natural/knee jerk desire to want to go shopping just before, and get new clothes.  Why is this? I have so many great clothes that I can bring along, why do I need new? I also knew I’d be walking a lot and needed comfort…I love my flip flops, but I knew they wouldn’t cut it with my arches for a week on the pavement. I also could not tolerate the idea of my clunky/ugly/best-for-my-feet running shoes either. Uh-oh…no can do. I have to draw the line somewhere. I was happy to see that Old Navy was selling some cute and colorful “tenny runners” that had a decent sole on them. The neon orange just spoke to me, even though not one month ago I swore I wouldn’t cave into the neon trend.

I wasn’t quite sure what the Florida weather would hold for me in March, but I thought I was safe with light weight skinny jeans and a flowy dress. It shouldn’t be THAT hot yet. Turns out, it was SUPER chilly most mornings, and I wore my favorite hot pink hoody til noon, then the weather was PERFECTION and my jeans worked out fabulously.

The first day, I wore my most comfy hot pink jeans and a striped blue/gray top. Snagged from Old Navy clearance…this is the only pic I have of me that day. Also got the navy shoes there.

disney clothes

The next day I wore a dress, and it actually RAINED that day!  I started out wearing my denim skinnies underneath, only to be warm because the chilly rain was not ideal. I will not show my face in this picture, as I am not  proud of this addition to my ensemble.

disney jeans under dress

We were all wet dogs, but the sun came out in the afternoon and I was able to yank those pants right off. Can you tell what park we went to this day?!?

disney dress

Above dress from Old Navy, sweater from a retailer online, Our Little Store Boutique via Very Jane. I also got this purple top (below) at Old Navy in clearance recently…hubby took this with his phone and got my new FOTOstrap in the shot. Pink walking shoes are 2 years ago from Old Navy (also have them in purple that I wore to Disneyland back then). Shades from target.

disney fotostrap

The neon orange was probably my fave new outfit…the shoes and the tank were new from Old Navy, and I got the necklace a while ago from Forever 21 (I think). Love my fun camera necklace. I paired the neon orange with mint green, while I paired my daughter’s neon orange skirt with purple, and it just so happened that my son wore his favorite neon orange shirt this day, so we took a neon orange dance picture (or 5). I love that he’ll dance with me in public;)

disney dance     disney neon shoes disney neon

Lastly, we’ve got the Mickey shirt my mom made our crew with her cricut machine cut out and an iron on. I wore my comfy yoga pants this day. disney joy

Head on over to The Pleated Poppy for more style ideas!

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  1. I know this must sound wrong coming from a 30+yo, but I LOVE Disney World… and I can’t wait to read your posts and miss it all over again. 🙂

    Great outfits!!

  2. So fun! We’re planning a trip for next year, and I’m so excited! 🙂 Have you seen the new Project Mouse digital scrapbooking supplies? Here’s a link to it (they are releasing more components every Friday, I think). Fun stuff!

  3. Fun and cute style! I really need to get some colored skinny jeans, I have some dark orange ones but I can’t help thinking they are too autumn-y for spring.

    • Kristen Duke says:

      I love my colorful jeans!!! You can make orange springy with a bright yellow top or white with yellow jewelry!

  4. So fun! That’s a pretty high jump there too, you’ve got your little photographers well trained!

    • Kristen Duke says:

      My kids HAVE been well trained in shooting, that’s for sure! It may look higher b/c my photographer is shorter than me;)

  5. I love how you dress with color, that purple dress with pink necklace and blue cardigan is such a fun outfit!

  6. Love that neon orange outfit–so fun and hip!

  7. amelia miller says:

    cool camera shot of your orange shoes and camera necklace

  8. I have the same necklace in black and I got it at Forever 21!

  9. What a fun post. My favorite outfit was the Epic day outfit. Loved the picture of your dancing with your kids. The last picture is pure perfection. It’s the exact emotion of what you should feel at Disney. I also love that no one in the background of that picture is looking on, it’s like everyone realizes, that’s what you should be doing at Disney.

    *Visiting your very lovely blog after the comment you left me at “Or so she says…” for the watercolor silhouette post I shared. Thanks you!

    • Kristen Duke says:

      Hi Amy!! It’s true, that is funny that no one is looking in that jumping shot, it’s just a bunch of happiness there, it’s normal I guess!

  10. I am a Walt Disney World addict! I have only been a handful of times but I am planning my next trip! I can’t wait.

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  12. Kristen
    What would be an easy but great camera for photos in Disney?