What I wore Wednesday

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I did it again….took pics of what I wore this past week.

I have enjoyed using my flat iron to curl my hair.  Yellow shirt I cannot remember where it came from.  Denim slacks from Gap outlet.  I like them better than jeans.  Jeans don’t usally do good things for my 4 baby muffin top.


Dress to church from Franchesca’s.  A year or so ago I went against everything I believe in and copied a friend with the same dress (she gave her full approval).  I fell IN LOVE with it.  I only did it because she lives states away from me.  Only $38, and the neckline was too wonderful to pass up.  I have tiny shoulders and often struggle with neckline’s falling off.  The bottom piece wasn’t there at first and it was shorter than I liked.  I was able to find matching fabric (to the waistline) and my mom added on a few inches for me.  This dress is SO comfy!  I did something different and wore my hair in a messy ponytail. Trying to be a bit more versatile with my hair than just curly or straight.

Wore this to my SA workshop.  Though it looks like I have my denim pants on again, they are actually pin striped black slacks from Wal Mart–George brand.  Just got them a month or so ago.  LOVE them!  Did something else different with my hair that I’m not sure I love.  A little twist on both sides that meet in the back.  Yellow shoes from Wal Mart a few years ago.  Pin made by my friend Caroline. Pearl bracelet and earrings from Forever 21 for $1.50 each.

My current favorite outfit.  I got this peach colored lace shirt/vest situation from TJ Maxx before my Virginia trip.  I really like it…didn’t think I would ever go for lace.  The belt came with a pair of jeans a few years ago.  Denim slacks same as above from Gap outlet. Gold key necklace from Gap Outlet.  Headband from Forever 21. Love this headband.  You may recognize it from this shoot. Shoes–Gap outlet.  My very favorite accessory came from my womb.  She is wearing all Target (in stores now, though not paired together on the racks). I love her.

Yesterday and today my hubby is home along with the kids for their spring break–a family stay-cation.  We went bowling and to the dollar movie.  Sad to say…no make up days, so you can imagine the clothing selection.  I was going to take a picture of that look, but kept forgetting.  Convenient, eh?

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  1. You look great. I like that you have a bit of mustard in a few pictures. Nice work adding to that adorable dress for length. The boots are fab in that pic as well. Of course your favorite accessory is the cutest by far!

  2. LOVE that dress!

  3. I love that francesca’s dress! Looks great on you!

  4. What a smart idea to add fabric for length!!

  5. Cute cute cute outfits! You are so adorable! I love that you added fabric to the bottom of your dress for length. I have a few dresses that I’ve been wearing all winter with tights and it’s looked fine, but was planning to retire them for the summer. I might just have to sew a cuff on the bottom. 🙂 (Your accessory is pretty darn cute, too!)

  6. Ahh!! LOVE the lace outfit. I want it. Now. So it a thing now to do pictures of your outfits? Because my old roomie is doing the same thing on her blog. I love it. It gives me ideas of different combos I could possibly do with what I have now.

    You mentioned trying different hair styles–I don’t know if you like the milkmaid style (it’s cool if you don’t) but I did mine in that hairstyle a few weeks ago. Check out my blog for pics. 🙂