What I’ve been working on…

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So besides trying out a new lens, I’ve been working on creating my first “coffee table book” design. I’m going to offer these for sessions as an addition/different option to having prints in an album. They are hard bound books with images PRINTED ON THE COVER. They can be 10×10 or 7×7 in size. They are quite labor intensive and so unique, and absolutely beautiful! Once I get it back from printing, I will take pictures and post here. Colors and quotes and names can be customized, and there are several different designs, some more basic and others more involved.

This is the front page, with a snippit of what is to come

This is a 2 page spread, left is page 2, right is page 3
page 4 and 5
page 6 and 7
page 8 and 9
page 10 and 11
page 12 and 13

page 14 and 15

page 18 and 19

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  1. That’s really cool.

  2. Yeah, I know… that was a lame comment. Sorry! My brain’s full today. “Book. Me like. Pretty pictures.”

  3. Tobi Wilkinson says:

    Gee Jeff you said it all. How could I possibly top those compliments? (Just teasing Jeff)

    I love the idea of a coffee book! Are you going to produce it yourself or are you going to have an outside company make the book?

  4. no producing here….my lab that does all of my printing for me, also offers album printing/binding

  5. Stunning. I love it. It does look labor intensive, but what a treasured keepsake.

  6. I love the book—much more fun to look at then your standard wedding photo album.

  7. I absolutely love that! I’ve seen a few versions of the coffee table book, but this one looks like it has the best paper and quality. Beautiful!