Why taking photos increases our happiness

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I’m delighted to have my dear friend Heather Walker share her thoughts on photography, and why we take photos of our loved ones. Both her portraits and instagram pictures are filled with so much HEART, and as I view them, I am inspired to see my family in a new way, and capture that joy. I want to learn more from her, so I asked her to share her thoughts once a month on what she loves to capture. You can see a picture of her in the orchard image below with her adorable children.

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This is “why we take photos”

To find, seek, and remember happiness!

This is the first time I’m sharing my thoughts about this subject; and I’ve been digging deep over the last year as I’m in the process of writing an e-book, on this subject I call the “Happiness Mission”, and photography. Since I’m not quite ready to share my book, I was giddy when Kristen asked me if I would guest post each month on one of my favorite subjects in photography, “why we take photos”! Thrilled to be here to share and grow with y’all!

Back to Happiness:

Most likely you agree about the importance of capturing moments in life. But, let me tell you “why” it’s so important, and what I have discovered, through my own personal experience and through research on this subject. My “why” stems from a passion of family and photography. But for those of you who do not have an innate passion to capture your life think about this for motivation: studies show that recalling happy memories significantly increases happiness in the present. This greatly resonated with me and made me understand the origin of my passion for photography. Again, “Recalling happy memories significantly increases happiness in the present!!!!” Isn’t that most of our hopes and dreams for our children and ourselves, Happiness?! Have you read the book, “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin? She talks about looking for happiness under your own roof and the importance of keeping happy memories vivid with photographs. If you’re a parent you’ve learned the hard way that we don’t often have control of our children’s health, but I do feel I have complete control of their happiness. We work so hard to give our children the best childhood possible and we may feel over time that many of these memories are forgotten. I believe these moments are actually hidden, not forgotten, and the eternal effects of childhood live inside them to make them the person they are today.

Please test my theory by looking through your old photographs. I just pulled a few from my collection to share with you:

A new personal goal of mine has been to record more video of our family life. Last weekend we took a little camping adventure over my daughter’s birthday with friends and I just pieced together my favorite clips for my family to look back on to keep our happy memories vivid. Happy to share it with you and hope you’ll find inspiration from it.

I look forward to sharing more here! Until then, I Instagram almost daily under heatherwalkerphotos. And you can follow along with my weekly project here.

Heather, you’ve got such a way with words! I’ve always said that I take lots of pictures so that my family will remember ME, and that I WAS THERE in their lives, but also because I don’t remember much that isn’t in pictures. But how you described happiness with photography, completely resonates with me!

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  1. Nicole says:

    I love this. I am looking forward to seeing more!

    I recently read a blog post from another photographer that mentioned that you should put down your camera because it’s putting a physical and mental barrier between you and your subject/event. It’s prohibiting you from being in the moment, and it’s also affecting your ability with memory recall.

    I’m not sure I agree with that photographer’s take on that (plus I am addicted taking 100’s of photos of my family), but I would be interested in hearing your take on that (and Kristen’s too).


    • Kristen Duke says:

      I have heard that too, and to a degree, that makes sense. I have to stop myself from running away from a moment to grab my camera, just to enjoy the moment without. I just tend to keep it with me (at least my phone) to snap during!

    • Heather Walker says:

      Hi Nicole. I’m so glad you enjoyed, and thanks for the comment. I definitely can agree to a point with what that photographer mentioned… I think about this often when I’m in the moment and torn between wanting to stay in the moment or reach for my camera while possibly altering the moment to capture the memory. Do you remember who the photographer was? I’d be interested to read their thoughts on the subject. I’ll be considering this for a future post. Thanks for the idea 😉

  2. Awww…this was an awesome p ost…and I love taking photos of every day life things…but I don’t have many of my dad or my dog. My family is small. My mom lives far away…so you made me realize how important these things are. Your photos are really sweet and they do tell a beautiful story 🙂 🙂 I also am one of your newest followers on your Instagram page 😉 🙂 Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Heather+Walker says:

      Hi Heather! 🙂
      Thanks for the comment and following along on my Instagram. I’m also far from family and yes, that makes one realize just that much more how important photographs are (especially the tangible ones hanging in our home). My 4 children are young so without photos I’m not sure they’ve have as good a memory knowing who their cousins are. Next time you are close to your Dad & Dog I hope you have more time to capture them 🙂
      Love and hugs back to you, Heather


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