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Love is in the air, friends! We are celebrating Valentine’s Day a tad early with a fun giveaway and ideas for an evening out with your love.

TWENTY-EIGHT fabulous bloggers have put together amazing Valentine’s Day baskets filled with everything you will need for fun, romantic night! No more scrambling for ideas. Valentine’s Day is planned for the lucky recipients of these twenty-eight fun filled baskets.

Each of our blogging friends is giving away a unique themed date night basket valued at over $100 each to make your evening special.

Here’s a peak at all 28 giveaway baskets:

Ultimate Valentine's Day Date Basket

Are you ready for a chance to enter 28 AMAZING Giveaways AND meet some of our favorite blogging friends?

Here’s What You Do:

#1) Get to a computer (and off your phone) where it will be easier to “hop” and check out all the other sites, then enter to win.

#2) Scroll down further in this post to get a more DETAILED description of what I am giving away.

#3) Enter my giveaway at the very bottom of the post.

#4) Time to start “blog-hopping!” Click on each of our friends’ links below & enter ALL of their giveaways!

#5) Definitely take time to check out each of these sites. We have quite the variety of talented ladies participating in this!

I chose to create a date around the sports theme because my husband loves an active date. I always say he wanted to marry a sporty gal, and well….he got me! Here is a peek of my basket up close.

Kristen Duke Sports Date Giveaway

And here are the friends you must “hop” to, in order to check out their date baskets!blog hop

Click on each link to view each site, and enter to win their “Valentine’s Date Night” basket. If you receive an error message, click to the blog’s home page. So much inspiration, right?!?

1. The Dating Divas 2. Bombshell Bling 3. Thirty Handmade Days 4. All Things Thrifty 5. Nobiggie 6. A Little Tipsy 7. The Crafting Chicks 8. Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke 9. Skip To My Lou 10. Snap 11. Fun Cheap Or Free 12. Positively Spendid 13. My Sister’s Suitcase 14. The 36th Avenue 15. Smitten By 16. The Idea Room 17. 4 Men 1 Lady 18. Girl Loves Glam 19. The Diva Dish 20. Entirely Eventful Day 21. Tatertots & Jello 22. Just A Girl 23. Dollar Store Crafts 24. The SITS Girls 25. Lolly Jane 26. Design Dazzle 27. My Insanity 28. Not Just A Housewife


I used printables from The Dating Diva’s, they actually have quite a few fun options when it comes to sports themed dates. I picked just two that looked fun because my husband loves baseball and basketball the most. The basketball printables have a little bit of naughty in them, (they’ve got a strip H-O-R-S-E game on their site, too). How much would your husband love that date?  The pictures here mention a game of “one-on-one.” Uh huh. You know it. 

The baseball trivia is a lot of fun, too. I’ll include these already printed and cut out printables when I ship the rest of the items to the winner. If you don’t win, you can click on the sports links and print ’em yourself! You have to check this baseball post though, and check out the homemade outfit you can make for that date;)

sports date

Here is what is in my Sports Gift Basket (because we all know we only have ONE winner!) that you can enter to win below:

Never Flat Basketball — we have one and LOVE it!  We have the hardest time with our basketballs going flat, and this one stays pumped 10x longer!

baseball mitt–Gotta have a mitt when playing catch, and for those fly balls at games.

A baseball to play catch with.

SKLZ Bullet ball, a speed baseball that tells you how fast you are throwing. How fun would it be to play a little game of catch, and see who throws the ball the hardest? Likely your strong husband, but it’s a great way to boost his ego, right?

Power Bars–My husband loves these for extra energy.

Gatorade Powder–Boost those electrolytes while playing!

2 Adidas Sweatbands–A matching pair, keeping that sweat out of your eyes.

Printed and prepped Basketball printables

Printed and prepped Baseball Trivia



Enter here to win the Sports Date Basket (minus the big blue tote).

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The Blog Hop ends at midnight on January 24th. 


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  1. Ellen Matthews says:

    Love this basket!!

  2. Baseball, with hockey coming in at a close second

  3. We’re Track & Field fans. That’s how we met, so it only makes sense. 🙂

  4. We watch a whole ton of basketball! Go CLIPPERS!

  5. Jennifer Munoz says:

    We love football! Our son plays and we love to wear shirts wth his # and root him on!!

  6. We love football

  7. Him baseball, me football!! Together, both!

  8. Such a cute idea! Our favorite sport is Baseball!

  9. my husband works for an MLB team so we spend a LOT of our time watching baseball!

  10. The sport we both like is basketball

  11. Me and my husband love the sports we can do outdoors. I like simple things and he likes “sports” with motors. 🙂

  12. the mr and I love college football and MLB.

  13. I LOVE volleyball the best, but really almost all sports. My husband like basketball.

  14. Traci manning says:

    I love this basket! What a great idea to include HIM into valentines day!!! I have never celebrated valentines day with my husband… Not even when we were dating… I just didn’t “believe” in this Hallmark holiday- I’ve only ever done the BE MINE stuff with my little boys and little gifts for their teachers… Your great basket idea may have just sparked some Valentines day fun!!! Thank you for getting me in the spirit!! Love is in the air….

  15. Soccer, all the way!

  16. Catherine in MI says:

    We are super not sporty in this house, but have fun any time we go to a sporting event. Suddenly, our super competitive natures come out and we turn into crazy fans. 🙂 As far as playing, our family does a lot of croquet in the summer. Does that count? 😉

  17. I’m in the same boat! My husband would LOVE a sporty date!

  18. Shanna Uptergrove says:

    We love football, but basketball is a close 2nd!

  19. Kirsta Black says:

    My husband and I haven’t really ever played any sports together, but I will watch football or basketball with him… sometimes!

  20. football

  21. My husband and I met on the softball field! We are baseball fans!

  22. I enjoy watching the Olympics the most with my husband!

  23. We love watching the olympics!

  24. Baseball!

  25. Love your posts!!! Keep ’em coming!!! ♥

  26. Football.

  27. Tiffin Clak says:

    It’s a toss up between football and basketball

  28. He loves football, but I prefer basketball.

  29. WE love college football. This basket is so fun. Any husbands dream!

  30. What a great idea!!

  31. Yvette West says:

    What a FUN giveaway! And an awesome idea for Valentine’s Day!! 🙂

  32. I love soccer and he loves racquetball, but we love to play any sport together!

  33. We love to watch football together!

  34. WE love baseball the most! I love basketball, but together its baseball all the way!!

  35. So cute! Football

  36. We love watching nascar and football together

  37. My hubby isn’t into sports so this would be a hilarious date!

  38. Basketball to play, football to watch!

  39. Football is number one for us, with basketball a close second. Love sports and so does the hubby!

  40. We love to play freesbe because it’s cute and easy and great to do on a sunny day! But to watch sports we like football and I make yummy snacks

  41. We love Football!

  42. football is our favorite

  43. Volleyball or archery.

  44. How fun!

  45. Football and basketball are a pretty close tie!

  46. We love playing racquetball together.

  47. The sport we love the most? Well, it is more of what he loves the most. My man’s favorite sport is Baseball. I pretty much watch the games with him but he is the sport fanatic at our house. He watches all of the different sports but Baseball is his #1 love when it comes to sports.

  48. Brittney Musgrove says:

    My husband and I love FOOTBALL!! 🙂

  49. Football!

  50. Football!

  51. Melissa Foust says:


  52. My husband loves to watch college football, but we enjoy playing basketball with the kids.

  53. Football! We are Packers fans. Go Pack Go!

  54. Clarice Patino says:


  55. We love watching soccer!!

  56. My husband is a sports fanatic he would flip over this!

  57. My husband and I love dancing!

  58. football!!!

  59. We love to go to Professional Basketball or BYU football games.

  60. Bowling!

  61. Shelbi November says:

    Basketball… UK basketball to be exact! 😀

  62. brook nichols says:

    My husband and I love to watch Razorback football….go hogs!!! other than that I’m not a sports fan

  63. My husband and I love to run. I can’t keep up with him, but its still fun to go out for a jog together!

  64. We love raquetball.

  65. We love ultimate frisbee!

  66. We love to watch and play basketball! The Jazz is our team:)

  67. Baseball – pro or little league when our little guys are playing!

  68. We love basketball and soccer!!!

  69. We love watching basketball together!!

  70. Vanessa Fisher says:

    My family loves everything football! Only because that is the sport our son plays. 🙂

  71. We like to watch football…him more than me, once my team loses, I’m done. But he has to watch ALL the games! 😉

  72. Morgan Fenner Western says:

    My Husband and I are huge football fans. Especially the San Diego Chargers.

  73. My hubby and I love Soccer the most!

  74. We have recently gotten into hockey. So fun!!

  75. Monica Younes says:

    We love watching football, soccer and basketball. But we play just about anything.

  76. We love all sports. Baseball, basketball, football, and hockey are the ones we LOVE watching together!

  77. Together – Raquetball

  78. It is a tie between college football and baseball.

  79. Connie Perkins says:

    My husband LOVES all sports. We spend a lot of time at the baseball field and the BYU Football field. We do more watching than playing but in our younger years we played Raquetball together!! Love this idea!!

  80. Shannon Leeflang says:

    This basket looks like so much fun! We are sporties and would love this giveaway!!!

  81. we like to watch football together the best

  82. Perfect! I love giveaways… and I love Valentines Day! 🙂

  83. We both love riding our bikes.

  84. Basketball!

  85. Would love to win!

  86. HIking/Running

  87. This is AWESOME!!

  88. Oops….baseball is the FAVE around here!

  89. What a fun idea!

  90. Sarah Schmid says:


  91. College football! (Watching, not playing, obviously. : ) )

  92. We are football and basketball fans.

  93. My husband and I have 3 sons who all play hockey. We are at the ice rink 6 days a week. Hockey is our life and by far, our favorite sport!

  94. My husband and I both love football and baseball…I can’t decide which is our favorite!

  95. S.K. McDonald says:

    My husband loves all kinds of sports but his favorite is Football. I am so not a fan of foot ball but I do like Baseball and basketball so I guess that is why he picked me!! :o)

  96. If we have to choose jointly we probably love football the best to watch and play, separately my husband likes to play basketball and I like volleyball the best:) We have our kids involved in all kinds of different sports since we love sports too!:)

  97. tennis or skiing

  98. Taylor Dahl says:

    I play lacrosse for my university. So that would be my favorite. Basketball is my husbands favorite 🙂

  99. Sports fans are we!!! Way cute and so different but could go to good use with us we love sports.

  100. Baseball – he would love this

  101. We love to watch football together 🙂

  102. as spectators, we LOVE watching and attending monster truck rallies, which is totally unlike us but we have fun

  103. Baseball!

  104. Sylvia White says:

    Football and soccer

  105. College football season is almost sacred at our house! Thanks for the giveaway!

  106. Probably football, but we have watched other sports together also.

  107. We both love to play AND watch baseball!

  108. candice davidson says:

    We love basketball.

  109. Anything our kids are playing! Or football if our favorite team is playing.

  110. Love that basketball! My husband is a football fan!

  111. Samantha V. says:

    We love basketball together however not the same teams lol

  112. We both love soccer.

  113. Kelley Hartnett says:

    Perfect for my house full of boys!

  114. Baseball! His family is big into the sport and everyone pretty much revolves around it. 🙂

  115. We most definitely watch football together!

  116. Our entire family is into baseball. We make it a family event!

  117. Auburn Clawson says:

    I think we love tennis the most when it comes to doing some sport together. I on the other hand love basketball and volleyball the most!

  118. Thunder basketball!

  119. I don’t follow sports but my husband loves to play basketball

  120. Definitely Football the hubby is a Sooner.
    Go Seahawks

  121. Michelle V says:

    Our favorite spot is really anywhere we can spend QT without the kids! Currently, we received a bunch of restaurant gift cards for Christmas, so we are having fun planning nights out without our 1 year old twins for grown up time. 🙂

  122. Green bay packer football of course (;

  123. A good game of basketball ofc he always lets me win

  124. Sports are big in our family. Our favorites are whatever our kids are playing. Our son plays club baseball and our daughter is finding her spot in volleyball and basketball. We watch college basketball, college football and the St Louis Cardinals on tv when we can.

  125. Tennis

  126. Amanda Ballard says:

    We are sports lovers but our favorite is Football!!! GO SEAHAWKS!!!

  127. We love ice hockey! Can’t wait to watch it during the winter Olympics!

  128. Jeanette M C says:

    We love to watch NASCAR together!

  129. Alli Smith says:

    We get into everything, but our true love is soccer!

  130. My husband is definitely the baseball fan and I love pro football. With the exception of watching the Bengals during football season we really don’t watch very many sports.

  131. Hockey, hockey, hockey!!!!!

  132. We both love football!

  133. We are big football fans at our house!

  134. We love playing volleyball, ultimate frisbee, and go skiing together.

  135. Jessica Ellsworth says:

    We love to watch football and basketball, but love to play any sport together!

  136. This is a really creative idea! We love to play all sports together!

  137. He likes everything. I like baseball & basketball.

  138. We both love hockey!!!

  139. Football!!

  140. Diana Cote says:

    we love playing soccer or tennis together or shooting hoops. watching sports has to be basketball hands down! haha

  141. We love football!! GO PACK GO!!

  142. We always talk about basketball

  143. Melissa Walker says:


  144. basketball and baseball!

  145. This girl isn’t sporty. At. All. Seriously. I’m the girl who gets hit in the face with any ball that is within a one mile radius. But, earlier in our marriage I’d shoot some hoops with the hubs. I’m terrible at it, but it’s still fun to play around with my husband!

  146. We’re football fans first.

  147. For real…I don’t like any sport. But the favorite sport of my husband is Basketball. So even I don’t like any, he make me watch the games lol.

  148. Pauline Burns says:

    Hubby and I are big baseball fans so I would love, love, love to win this basket!

  149. Football!

  150. Baseball!! It is the best season of the year.

  151. ahh! hubby is a b-ball fan, such a cute basket -thank you for hosting!

  152. My husband and I love to ski! We don’t have any money for it though.

  153. My husband loves sports as well this looks like a lot of fun.

  154. My husband and I watch basketball together!

  155. We watch hockey the most.

  156. Such a cute idea! THanks for sharing the great ideas!

  157. volleyball!!!!

  158. We love our shorties’ sports!

  159. RaNette Free says:

    Snowboarding/Skiiing…. and FRISBEE was big when we were dating.

  160. Ashley Cary says:

    My husband and I love to watch baseball games! Go Rangers!!

  161. We love to watch football together!

  162. great giveaway!

  163. Football, or soccer. Maybe basketball. or Baseball. You get it.

  164. Baseball! When we got married he preferred basketball and football, but he quickly caught the baseball bug from my family and it is our favorite now.

  165. We love to watch football together

  166. Football! It wasn’t easy getting me to like it, but somehow my husband convinced me to watch it with him and now I love it!

  167. Hockey!!

  168. We love BYU football!

  169. Tennis

  170. Melanie Mangelson says:


  171. We love to watch college football together, but for actually doing, it would be hiking together.

  172. Wow! Your marriage sounds a lot like mine…sports. We both played basketball in high school and that’s what started our relationship. Who knew we would ever get married, but it was because of our love of sports. Basketball is what brought us together, but we enjoy so many sports together. We love watching football together…go Patriots! We have taken up racquetball lately! What a great giveaway! Crossing my fingers that we win!

  173. I’m not big into sports but he loves Nascar!

  174. amber kampwerth stokes says:

    I would have to say the sport we love most together would have to baseball, he isnt a big sports fan but i am cardinals all the way!

  175. We are actually big baseball and basket ball fans too! My husband plays both and the kids and I are his bigggest fans. I like to play with him when its for fun (not on the competitive leagues). This date basket would be so fun 🙂

  176. Anything that makes the Olympics!

  177. Michelle J. says:

    Dancing and swimming (totally sports)!

  178. Baseball, my husband played in high school and college, we love it.

  179. nba basketball

  180. Sara Westhead says:


  181. holly hope says:

    We love to play baseball together. We joined our church team when we were engaged and have had a lot of fun with that!

  182. Every dang sport there is, we must watch it, and if we miss it, well then we better be seeing it on Sports Center. <3

  183. Something to share with the sports fans in our home (me included!)

  184. My hubby and I eat, drink, and breathe ALABAMA football in the fall, but deep down we are die hard Pirates fan. There is still a raise the jolly roger flag hanging proudly above our tv from when they were in the playoffs this past fall.

  185. we love basketball!

  186. My hubby loves ALL sports but he loves football the most. We both enjoy baseball.

  187. Fantastic giveaway! My guy will love this! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  188. Love the sports basket! Awesome idea!! =) We both enjoy basketball!!

  189. Thanks so much for this great giveaway!

  190. fawn strunk says:

    We love baseball very much

  191. basketball and baseball-always more fun playing together! 🙂

  192. Stacey Hendrickson says:

    I love the idea for a sport date. My husband and I love to play basketball. We like watching basketball, and football.

  193. We love watching baseball (our small hometown league), but we LOVE playing frisbee!

  194. Baseball, probably.

  195. Soccer 🙂 and watching just about anything as long as we’re there in person!

  196. Awesome basket

  197. We enjoy snow skiing together, been doing it many years now! Thanks for the giveaway and Happy Valentines Day!

  198. Calise Zollinger says:

    We LOVE football (to watch together) but we love to play baseball as a family!

  199. We like different sports, but we always support each other!

  200. My husband and I try to catch every Notre Dame football game we can.

  201. We LOVE basketball (SA Spurs). My husband would love this!

  202. We both like to watch football.

  203. SOCCER

  204. We love basketball! From high school to pros…we can’t get enough of it!

  205. Lauren Fite says:

    my boyfriend and I love college football!

  206. We love basketball the most! Such a fun basket! 🙂

  207. We both love football and baseball!

  208. basketball

  209. Baseball. Go Twins!

  210. Marisa Reeder says:

    My husband is a sports fanatic he would love this.

  211. We like to watch football or soccer and just play whatever for fun!

  212. Jennifer Appleton says:

    We love football! But my husband would love a more masculine valentine’s day idea, in general 🙂

  213. We love FOOTBALL!

  214. Football!

  215. Our favorite would be basketball!

  216. Susan Snyder says:

    what a sporty way to say I love you

  217. My husband LOVES all sports, but he’s especially fond of football. I like baseball. 🙂

  218. FOOTBALL!!

  219. Rachel Carroll says:

    We have two sports. My husband loves baseball and I am a rodeo fan, ( but I prefer it in person. ) TV does not do these athletes justice. Anyhow, we have both grown to love both sports.

  220. We are a football watching family. Seeing what my 2 little boys are going to like!

  221. Rachelle Bolton says:

    Oh my goodness! My my husband would LOVE this! 🙂 LOVE all these giveaways!

  222. We are obsessed with college football.

  223. Rachelle Bolton says:

    oh and p.s we went to a Baseball game for our HONEYMOON…if that tells you anything about our LOVE of sports!

  224. My Husband and I love Basketball. Die hard Blazer fans!!

  225. Football! Go Hawks!

  226. We love volleyball


  228. My husband would love all this sports stuff!

  229. Carla Hundley says:

    We both enjoy watching
    football. Also in the summer
    we watch the local Pioneer
    League baseball team.
    Carla from Utah

  230. We like football

  231. Hockey

  232. We love football in my house – huge NFL fans!

  233. College football!

  234. Cassandra Eastman says:

    I’d say it’s a tie between basketball and football!

  235. We like football the most.

  236. Kristy DeGraaf says:

    Football…go Broncos!

  237. Nicole Marie says:

    Our favorite sport (that we like together) is baseball (Go Pirates!!!).

    I’m more of a hockey girl myself, and he’s not a big fan of it. He likes Football, Baseball, and Basketball.

  238. We both love baseball!

  239. It’s a tie between soccer and basketball.

  240. We love ice hockey! Baseball and football are second place.

  241. Kelsey Hartley says:

    College football is our favorite sport to watch!

  242. Anna Perkins says:

    My husband and I love to watch College Football!

  243. We love Basketball!

  244. my husband LOVES sports, and I tend to only like Volleyball. But I’d say we love throwing a frisbee together or kicking a soccer ball around.

  245. My husband is a huge football fan! And now I am too!

  246. To watch on TV football, I married into a true Steelers fan family! Given the chance though we love to go watch the local minor baseball team

  247. Football!! Go Broncos!

  248. Heather Braun says:

    FOOTBALL! HOOK ‘EM HORNS! I’m from central Texas and I met my hubby when he was stationed at Fort Hood in 2005. He’s a USC Trojan fan and he would give me so much crap about the Longhorns. It was so funny that our teams met in the National Championship that year! And my team won! He was still talking crap all the way in Iraq. lol

  249. Lisa Cooper says:

    My husband’s nckname is Mr. Sport. We love to watch football, especially the Dallas Cowboys!

  250. C Shockley says:

    Thanks for the chance to win such a nice giveaway!!!

  251. We love to watch Football

  252. Jennifer Auten says:

    Love the basket! I wanna win!

  253. Jennifer Auten says:

    Baseball fans but we like to watch all different kinds.

  254. We enjoying watching any sport our children participating in… ranging from baseball to competitive cheer.

  255. We would love this!!!!

  256. In highschool…we both played lots of sports and travelled with teams together.

  257. Football.

  258. We love to watch football and he loves to play any sport, but I would rather watch. 🙂

  259. Great basket! I’d love to win!!

  260. Volleyball! We love to get together with friends and make fools of ourselves!

  261. To go to, baseball. To watch on tv, college basketball or football!

  262. We love watching football the most. 🙂

  263. We LOVE to watch baseball. Maybe one day we will have a son who will play baseball!

  264. Maria Wicks says:

    We love watching wrestling together, but also baseball, basketball, football…

  265. cj coppola says:

    Love this giveaway. My boys would be thrilled!

  266. Charmaine Puzey says:

    Love this basket. We are a basketball family. All the kids play and I coach. The baseball that tells how fast would be soooo fun. Thanks for the contest.

  267. We LOVE football in our house. Followed by a close second of baseball.

  268. Right now in the winter, we are couch potatoes! We play basketball with the kids in warmer weather.

  269. Stacey Demers-McFarland says:

    I think I’d have to say that running together is our thing! Last year we began to participate in 5K and various races together. Otherwise it gets heated during football season at my house!!!

  270. Angela Wildermuth says:

    Love theme!

  271. Sabrina Lawrence says:

    We spend a LOT of tiem watchign basketball!

  272. I think this is an Awesome idea, would definently love to do all this with the love of my life!

  273. Martha Schultz says:

    We both LOVE baseball and like to get after each other since he is a Yankee’s fan and I am a Boston fan 😉

  274. I love hockey, he loves football!

  275. big football followers at my house, followed by basketbal

  276. We LOVE football. Can’t wait til the Supebowl!

  277. We love to watch nba basketball together or even go the the Utah Jazz games!

  278. Jennifer Madigan says:

    Hockey, although my son LOVES Soccer

  279. To watch…football. To play together…tennis.

  280. Major League Baseball!!

  281. Football and basketball

  282. WE love watching football!

  283. I’m not such a big sports fan but the rest of my family loves football

  284. We love watching all sports but basketball is our favorite!

  285. Neither my husband and I are super sport-savvy, but we both enjoy watching the Olympics, especially swimming and skiing.

  286. volleyball – thanks for a fun packge

  287. We love basketball!

  288. Katy McKinnon says:

    We love football and soccer!

  289. Taylor Peterson says:

    We love to watch football!

  290. Lindsey Woolard says:

    We love football!!!!

  291. We love to bowl and watch hockey together!

  292. Ashli Crookston says:

    Either soccer or ultimate frisbee!

  293. I would love to get an opportunity to spend with my loverface using this basket! I hope you have a lovely valentines day!!


  294. Dawn Monroe says:

    We enjoy big 10 football, Go Bucks!

  295. My hubs doesn’t care for sports, but I love football! We do love fishing, and that’s still a sport!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  296. rayraycartucci says:

    We love football a great deal but my hubby has a soft spot for baseball because he played a;; through school and has all these trophies.

  297. Terri Upton says:

    We love to watch baseball together.

  298. Casey Houghton says:

    This looks like you must know my husband! What a great gift!

  299. Kortney Nelson says:


  300. lori jones says:

    My husband and I both like baseball the most.

  301. We watch football, but like playing baseball!

  302. Love a good sports date! The name of our co-ed softball team is “Date Night” so this would be perfect for us!
    Really fun basket!

  303. Robyn Norton says:

    Wrestling!! That’s how we met, actually. I’m the manager for our team, and he’s our heavyweight. This basket is too cute!!!

  304. Our favorite sport is either football or basketball.

  305. Natale Shapiro says:

    My husband and I love to watch our daughter play soccer! We also love basketball!

  306. wow! my two sons and my husband would LOVE to share that great basket!

  307. My husband and I love baseball the most! Thanks for the opportunity to win this wonderful basket!

  308. My husband would love to get this from me. I Love this give away!!!

  309. We love watching football…especially when it’s our boys playing!!

  310. Wow, tough question. We probably love volleyball the most because that is how we met–playing in a fundraiser tournament. Sports is a big part of our family though as I coach high school volleyball and he coaches high school basketball. We love watching football on the weekend together and do the whole Fantasy thing as well are March Madness!

    Thanks for the giveaway! Fun ideas.

  311. We love air hockey when playing something together, but since my hubby played college ball for the school where we met, basketball is a sweet spot to us. Would love to win this for us!!

  312. to watch? football, or we love to watch March Madnessl. To play? hmm…we love to swim and bike, does that count??

  313. We LOVE Football! The husband is great at racquetball and I’m pretty good at volleyball.

  314. Jessica Hornibrook says:

    We love to play Ultimate Frisbee

  315. this is a funny question! i’m totally not a sports buff, but i would have to say that we together enjoy watching our girls! Last year they cheered for a local football team, this year they are playing soccer, so i would have to say our favorite sport would simply be watching whatever sport our daughter’s participate in that year LOL

  316. Paula Gardner says:

    College baseball!

  317. My hubby would LOVE this!

  318. We love college football!

  319. ellen casper says:


  320. We enjoy going to baseball and football games 🙂

  321. Hiking used to be our date of choice 🙂 it’d be nice to do that again…

  322. We love basketball!

  323. We both LOVE college football!

  324. NBA basketball 🙂

  325. My husband loves pretty much every sport but I think my favorite is football. 🙂

  326. Looks good!

  327. bowling

  328. Basketball!

  329. Jenifer R. says:

    We are a baseball family!

  330. Our favorite sport is football!

  331. Football !

  332. My husband loves football, but I enjoy basketball, probably because I’m biased since my eldest daughter is a player 🙂

  333. My husband would love this!!

  334. I have four grandsons! We would have a blast with this!

  335. Annie Cochran says:


  336. Our favorite sport is FOOTBALL!

  337. My husband and I love football and basketball, and our son is slowly getting us into soccer!

  338. We love college football the most but baseball and basketball are pretty fun too- especially when it’s my kids playing!

  339. We are huge basketball fans!

  340. We met playing intramural soccer, but we also love playing disc golf and flag football too!

  341. We love hockey!

  342. Basketball for sure! I’m such a bball snob, too, I always want to see teams in the good seats! 😀

  343. Football and basketball!

  344. We love to play tennis and go hiking together!

  345. LeAnn Matrazzo says:

    The sport my husband and I love most is NASCAR. However, some would argue that NASCAR is not a sport. Our next favorite sport is football. Go Gators!

  346. We love to watch football…Go Broncos!! 😉

  347. Basketball would be my choice. Also baseball would be second choice.

  348. I love watching basketball and playing tennis. He loves football, basketball, soccer, tennis… We’ll just stop there!

  349. the sport that we watch and enjoy is, hands down, football!!!!

  350. Looks like lots of fun.

  351. We love football the most, unless we’re talking about watching our boys – then it would have to be baseball.

  352. We love watching football together

  353. We like running/track the most!

  354. bekki tolman says:

    My hubs loves basketball!

  355. volleyball

  356. My husband and I enjoy football, and he loves baseball.

  357. My all time favorite is soccer and my husbands is baseball. But we enjoy playing and watching ALL sports with our 5 sons. 🙂

  358. We like playing golf together

  359. We love baseball!! <3

  360. Baseball!

  361. Definitely football!

  362. Definitley football!

  363. We both love baseball the most, but he really, REALLY loves hockey too.

  364. Suzanne T. says:

    Football is #1

  365. Rene Baker says:

    We love hockey, go Stars!

  366. The challenge will my son or husband try to get the basket first

  367. My boys, (including the hubby) will really use the basket too!

  368. We love to watch football and my husband loves cycling.

  369. Jessica Howell says:

    Would love to get this for my boyfriend and I. We both love sports and constantly go to red birds games when we can.

  370. Raven Westberry says:

    My husband enjoys baseball the most

  371. This would be a great way for my husband and I to keep up on our New Year’s Resolution to get back in shape and still have a fun Valentine’s Day!

  372. My husband and I love college basketball most.

  373. We LOVE watching college football, but we love rock climbing, playing frisbee and hiking together.

  374. We love to play basketball together. We are both competitive people so it makes it interesting.

  375. We love to play games together. Your basket sounds like it would make a fun filled date! Thanks for the opportunity!

  376. Absolutely LOVE the Sports Date Basket! Such a great idea for a sporty guy like mine!!

  377. FOOTBALL! 🙂 🙂

  378. Stacy Skinner says:

    What a fun basket! My husband and I love watching sports together. We haven’t had a chance this year to go to the Spurs or Rampage, and I would love to give him a fun gift. He had a heart attack a couple of months ago and what a great way to say I’m so glad you are still here.

  379. We love to watch college football together.

  380. Probably would have to be hockey.

  381. My husband LOVES sports. Sportscenter is constantly on the tv– he would die to get this!! Its darling!

  382. we love football- go seahawks!

  383. Football!!!!!!!!

  384. Well we are torn LOL! I’m a huge basketball fan and he is a huge college football fan, but in the end we join together on the couch and watch each sport together :)!

  385. Susanne Haring says:

    What a fun gift basket

  386. Definitely football!

  387. my hubby would luv this one! big sports guy/fan!

  388. Football.

  389. soccer

  390. Football

  391. We are a sports couple! Football is our go-to! We LOVE it!!!! That is our favorite thing to do together!

  392. College football!

  393. My husband loves every sport! I like most sports if I can go to the game or play it.

  394. We don’t exactly agree on a favorite sport because I love volleyball and he loves football. But we both play basketball and love any sport or activity together! 🙂

  395. Ultimate Frisbee!

  396. To watch: basketball. To play: volleyball and soccer.

  397. I suppose the sport we share the most love for is football. It’s the only sport he enjoys, and I am a big supporter of our local teams.

  398. We love football! Rams superbowl 2015!

  399. Our favorite sport to watch together is college football!

  400. Sophie Jennings says:

    Such a cute basket!!! I would say that we love to watch football together but we also play a lot of basketball together. We either go out and shoot hoops by ourselves (because we’re losers haha) or sometimes we have friends over and actually play a game! And we have a blast. Like I said….we’re losers haha.

  401. robyn donnelly says:

    I would say football and baseball whichever is playing at the time. He does love his sports.

  402. Football…to watch!

  403. My husband and I play coed indoor soccer together every Friday night. We love spending time together playing our favorite sport and having an active date night!

  404. I no longer have a husband, but when I did, it was football. I do have twin sons who love sports we play basketball together (and have the same problem with constantly deflated balls:-) And both my boys play baseball in the spring.

  405. Love this basket! He would love it too!

  406. My husband and I love Baseball, Football and Basketball. We love getting our families together and going down to the park so all of us can play together.

  407. My husband is a sports news director for a well known TV channel. When he’s not working out on the field talking to athletes and up and coming high school pro’s, hes hanging out with me watching football. Our favorite sport to play together is soccer! This basket would be absolutely fabulous! My husband would go crazy!

  408. Basketball!

  409. tennis!

  410. we play tennis, but would really like to play basketball together next. what a fun prize.

  411. Debbie Bennett says:

    Hockey for my husband … but; is sewing a sport??? If so, that’s mine!!!

  412. This would be perfect for my grand kids for Valentines Day!

  413. looks like a lot of fun

  414. Whitney Warburton says:

    We both love to play soccer together

  415. We love to play disc golf!

  416. The sport me and my significant other love the most would definitely be football. Our favorite team is the Jets! I would go crazy if I won this basket because it is absolutely perfect to bond with my spouse in something I know he would enjoy.

  417. We love football the most

  418. We love football.

  419. Football for sure 🙂

  420. We love any sport we can play together. We don’t watch sports as much as we enjoy to play things together 🙂

  421. Kristen Parry says:

    We are huge sports fans! We love everything from football in the fall, basketball in the winter/spring, and baseball in the summer!

  422. Jenala Echols says:

    Watching my girls play sports is my favorite sport.

  423. The sport we love the most is definitely baseball. We go to the park every once in a while to hit and throw around. But he still plays baseball until this day and coaches as well. I think this would be the perfect basket for him!!! he would love it!

  424. My husband and I love ourselves some football! Not that we actually play it, but we love to watch it and scream at the tv! He would be pretty excited about this basket if we were to win. Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  425. We are baseball fans.

  426. Lindsey Morris says:

    My husband and I are huge NASCAR and football fans! I love that him and I love so many sports 🙂 thanks for the giveaway!!!

  427. We pretty much stick to football and baseball!

  428. We love watching football.

  429. Does Mario Cart count???? My husband doesn’t love to watch sports, but I still think this would be so fun!

  430. We love Football!

  431. Football! Go Seahawks!

  432. Fishing….and racing

  433. We both enjoy watching football together.

  434. we’re BIG hockey fans

  435. Sadie Terry says:


  436. Kim Beasley says:

    My husband eats, breathes, loves the St. Louis Cardinals.

  437. Hiking in new and interesting places!

  438. I don’t do sports but will watch with my husband

  439. Lisa Martin says:

    My husband loves all sports but the one sport we enjoy watching together is Nascar

  440. katelyn graves says:


  441. Jennifer Asher says:

    As for me and my house…Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!

  442. love, love, love your basket! So creative and perfect for my husband. We actually like to golf together. I’m just not great at it!

  443. Stacey Turner says:

    We both love football and soccer! He loves basketball more than anything though so I do my best to enjoy it along with him. 🙂

  444. We like to watch most sports but really enjoy going to a baseball game (Go Dodgers!) We try to make it to a couple of games each season.

  445. crafty girl says:


  446. Rebecca Casper says:

    We love to play co-ed softball. It’s a blast!

  447. Angela Lason says:

    Love this fun basket! Thanks!

  448. Joanna Miller says:


  449. My husband and I enjoy watching football and my cousin’s basketball games!

  450. We like watching football together the most and playing basketball and tennis.

  451. My husband’s favorite is baseball which, unfortunately, I find slow and boring. I grew up in a football home, so that’s my sport of choice, and my husband does like it, too. I’m TRYING to like baseball. 🙂

  452. We both played on the church softball team. However, our favorite sport is sword fighting. We used to do it together with the kids every Sunday afternoon for years. We even taught a class on it. We also do fantasy football together.

  453. Our house is definitely a football oriented house. My fiance has played since elementary school and loves it. We never miss a game for our beloved Steelers (go ahead… hate on us! haha).

  454. Valerie Guerrero says:

    we both love football

  455. We love all sports…we coach all sports! With 4 kids…there is always a kid playing something! All year there is a season for something! THis is a perfect basket!

  456. Katie yates says:

    We watch our kids play soccer, professional prob basketball

  457. My husband loves just about every sport there is but together we really enjoy watching and attending baseball and basketball games!

  458. We love watching our boys sporting events the best but also enjoy a good football game.

  459. My husband and I are both very sporty and love being active together, in fact one of our first dates was playing one-on-one basketball at the park! We have been playing Ultimate Frisbee 3x a week for the past year with a group of our friends. We LOVE going to baseball games together in the summer and we get pretty competitive during march madness with our brackets 🙂 So I don’t know if we necessarily have a FAVORITE sport, we love them all!

  460. Giveaway #6

  461. Baseball! Go Nats!

  462. We love baseball most.

  463. rebekah friesen says:


  464. snowboarding! does that count? my husband loves any and all sports. i’m starting to enjoy (or at least understand) baseball and basketball.

  465. The sport my partner and I love is basketball, we play it every Sunday it is a very good exercise. Love your idea

  466. What a great idea! Love the basket!!

  467. Well, my sport is baseball while his is football.

  468. We love watching football as a family on Sundays!

  469. This would be awesome to win!!!

  470. Football and basketball are a favorite sport favorite team new england pats

  471. Football! We LOVE it!

  472. My husband loves baseball and golf.

  473. What a cute and fun date basket! I feel so inspired to do something creative with my husband for Valentine’s Day 🙂

  474. Kristy Reid says:

    I love that this basket is equally for both husband and wife! My husband and I would love to share all of these fun activities together!

  475. He played baseball and basketball and I played soccer, but we both like to watch football. Mainly we both just love being outdoors and active with riding bikes, hiking, playing with our dog. This would be a fun date basket to win!

  476. We love to run together. Although he would say his favorite is shooting hoops

  477. We really love Football

  478. What a wonderful idea for spoiling him on Valentine’s Day while also giving me an opportunity to do things with him that he loves. He would be quite surprised if I pulled out a basketball and said let’s go play!

  479. We love football and soccer!!

  480. My husband would ADORE this basket!!!

  481. That would be baseball !!! Have 3 grandsons playing that sport !!

  482. Hiking! We loooove it.

  483. I commented earlier (love this prize) but every time I’ve come back to finish my entries, I’ve been unable to do so because the widget doesn’t pop up. I’ve no way of finishing my entries:-(

  484. I have to admit, I LOVE watching my boys play baseball the most. The weather is always nice.

  485. We love any sport our family members are playing.

  486. Football! We can’t get enough.

  487. My husband and I LOVE to watch football together…unfortunately, he doesn’t root for the RIGHT team. 😉 We can watch the Super Bowl together this year, though, since neither of our teams made it.

  488. I love this sports theme! Basketball and baseball (or softball in my case) happen to be just two of the sports we love playing together the most!! I would love to be the winner of this great basket to help surprise my honey with!!

  489. We love all sports! but primarily baseball and basketball partly because he was a baseball player in highschool and I was a basketball player.

  490. We love football.

  491. We love hiking and visit national/state parks on our vacations to hike.

  492. Basketball!

  493. Jill Myrick says:

    Our favorite sport is baseball. And the New York Yankees are our team !


  494. Football!

  495. My husband and I love air hockey! But basketball will always be special to us, because he was playing college ball when we met & for our first year of marriage. <3

  496. Amazing, how to have sports as a date, This would not only be fun but good exercise.

  497. Loni Probert says:

    We both love softball.

  498. What a great idea! Love the idea, we all need to be more active.

  499. We love to run and watch Football…by the way, where’s the football stuff;)

  500. We love football and basketball!

  501. OMG This is SO awesome! My husband’s favorite is baseball (The Reds) Such a cute idea!
    Good Luck Everybody!! 🙂

  502. Football!

  503. Jennifer P - Vicki Furrin on Rafflecopter says:

    No husband but my favourite is baseball. Actually it’s was my ex’s favourite to watch as well. He actually played soccer though rather than baseball. Thanks for the giveaway.

  504. michele fahey says:

    Cross Country – GO CTK! Professionally – Baseball – Go STL Cardinals!

  505. Kira Sorensen says:

    I love all these Prizes!!!

  506. Football!!

  507. Football all the way!

  508. Cynthia Harvey says:

    to watch it would be Hockey – Go Red Wings!

  509. My husband and I love playing tennis together!

  510. Jennifer Speed says:

    Football hands down

  511. Mine would be football or rugby, husband’s is definitely baseball! 🙂

  512. We both love baseball!

  513. Football, baby!

  514. Marissa Jespersen says:


  515. My husband would love this!!

  516. Rachel Harrison says:

    Probably football, but if it’s a sport, it’s watched in my home!

  517. We love college football and basketball!

  518. Judy Gregory says:

    My fella and I are University of Alabama football fans.

  519. Debra Lynch says:

    well- our sons play avid baseball. Our “getaways” have been to our son’s baseball tournaments. so I guess we have grown accustom to watching so much. In person tho I have to admit we like ALL sports and recreation. Basketball and football- we are big sports fans!! the only thing we HAVENT gotten into is really hockey!

  520. Baseball!

  521. We enjoy watching a little of all sorts of sports together. He took me to my first ST. Louis Cardinals game and we have some great memories, but we’ve also enjoyed watching various other games together, too. 🙂

  522. My husband is THE biggest sports fan ever! He even watches golf on TV. (boring, snooze) But we both LOVE the SF Giants baseball team and have been big fans for years! This would be a WONDERFUL basket for me to share with my better half! Thanks so much for the chance!!! =)

  523. this is right up my husband, the coach’s alley! He would remember this Valentine’s Day!!

  524. my husband loves to play basketball and i love to run! we’ve done a couple races together!!

  525. We love basketball! and volleyball too

  526. fishing

  527. Basketball! This basket looks like something he would LOVE!

  528. Love this basket! WeLOVE baseball 🙂

  529. Sylvia Pacheco says:

    Such an original idea! Thank you for your generosity! Good luck everyone – congrats to the winner!

  530. Our favorite sport is hockey.

  531. We really like a lot of Sports but the one that we vote for the same teams is Basketball. Secretly (or not so secretly) i love the Broncos!

  532. Shea Balentine says:

    It’s a toss up between Football and Hockey =)

  533. I love hockey and he loves basketball, but the sport we agree to love together is baseball!

  534. Jacqueline Garza says:


  535. Hubby would love this basket! So much fun!

  536. Love this theme!

  537. And we heart basketball.

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  541. Mari-Ann, Thanks for sharing! poetsd a link to your blog post and gave props to you on Twitter. Am on Twitter as F5th for Fab Fresh Fun with Friends and Family, as Sunrise Learning Lab was too long and SunriseLearning was taken! Hope all is well! Enjoy your day! Love your blog! Hope you are feeling well too with your pregnancy!Colleen:)

  542. I can’t believe you’re not playing with me–that was so helpful.

  543. You’re a real deep thinker. Thanks for sharing.


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