WIWW & Workshop in Houston

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I think I’m going to take a break from WIWW for a little bit.  It’s summer…it’s hot…and my clothes just aren’t that exciting on the weekdays.  I mean, I don’t even get to walk into the school and show the staff how “put together” I am while wrangling 4 kids.  Plus, I have such a backlog of pictures to share, and I need my Wednesdays back! For that reason, I am combining it with a pic from last weekendss workshop in Houston.  Linking up to The Pleated Poppy (go check out others who link and share their ensembles).  Here are just 2 of my last weeks outfits:

I think I’ve found that the “downward glance” is my best facial angle b/c I’ve got it in both shots.  I wore this number to church.  I got my headband from a Very Jane sale, they are crocheted from Pretty Knotty.

I got my green cardigan in the clearance section at Old Navy.  It was tough to purchase it when it is 100 degree’s outside, but it was only $6, so I HAD to!  I wore it to church where it is generally freezing inside. I was comfortable, and it is light enough that it wasn’t TOO bad in the 30 seconds I was outside walking to my car;) I also just got the yellow belt from Target.  I’ve been wanting it for a while, so I splurged the $12 for it…though I wish it were $2.  Belts really shouldn’t be that much.  Skirt, not sure.  Old. Love it a lot.  Perfect length for me. My fancy yellow shoes (I LOVE THEM!) were gifted to me from my friend Amy (she sneakily asked my size when I gushed over them at her family photo session).  She got them at a store only in Utah called Forever Young Shoes. The brand is Styluxe (google it).

My daughter and I went to a dance recital for our neighbor and we decided to get fancy.  I wore my new jewelry (ring and necklace) from Love Stitched ring here and necklace here.  Cardigan from Forever21 and skirt from Matilda Jane.

Saturday was my workshop in Houston.  My numbers were smaller than any other (one was in the hospital with kidney stones and had to cancel the day before).  A huge contrast to the 25 in Utah the weekend before.  It turned out perfect though because the day before, I was ILL!  For the first time ever, I dragged my troops to urgent care to see a doc because I had a killer sore throat, chills, aches, ear pain, and just felt awful.  I just so rarely get sick that when this came on and came on hard, I had to do it.  No signs of strep, I was happy to still get an antibiotic prescription.  I also took Aleve to lessen the inflamation of the throat pain (which TOTALLY helped) and a decongestant b/c my ears  hurt and my head.  I don’t often like the aid of drugs, but they were a huge help.  No time to rest, I finished a banner for my nieces bday party and slept in the car as my hubby drove our clan to Houston. I was not the best company at the party, but a good nights rest, I woke up 85% better.  My ears were still clogged and hurting that morning, but most of my throat pain was gone and chills gone.  Like I said…nice to have a smaller group.

Workshop was at my parents home (you can see my senior picture next to my brothers in the left of this image and my baby picture on the right of that wall), here are the ladies that attended.

 It was so fun to get email feedback from 2 of these ladies that afternoon saying how much they learned and wondering why were they ever so afraid of their camera…hooray!  One even complimented my teaching abilities which meant SO much to me!  I do love to teach.   2 weeks til Dallas!

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  1. Love the green/white combo and that brown skirt!
    I have a feeling that WIWW will see a bit of a summer downswing. I know that for myself, I am at the pool a lot. And no one needs to see that or see my sweaty self!

  2. Love the color!

    Way to go for picking up such a great deal that you will be so glad you bought when it is cooler!

  3. aawww ya so glad you like your ring and necklace 🙂 I love to see your cute outfits you put together! I wish I lived in TX so we could get together more often! It was really great meeting you when you came into Utah! 🙂 xox

  4. You and your kids are so cute! And I love your little yellow sling backs! 🙂

  5. I looooove your first outfit. Light and airy and so pretty.

  6. How I wish I could join in a workshop like that! Sounds like it was fun (though sorry you were sick!)

    I especially love that last shot with your kiddos – precious!

  7. I am loving your first outfit! It looks great on you and the colors are FABULOUS together!

  8. I am loving your 1st outfit! The colors look FABULOUS together!