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This is my 3rd stitch fix box, and probably my most favorite! Maybe it’s the excitement of winter clothes, but I’m pretty sure it has something to do with the feather necklace draped around me–I love it!

But first, I tried mixing patterns, and I’m just not sure how it worked out. I like to see a well mixed outfit, but I’ve never attempted it myself. I grabbed my black polka dot cardigan to go with the pencil skirt, but I’m just not sure I could wear this out in public–it feels so ODD!  So let me know–yay or nay.  Promise it won’t hurt my feelings if you’re a big NO!

mixing patterns clothes

Here are a few of the items in my box. Besides the necklace, I also love the cream shirt. It was too shear for my liking, so I put a cream undershirt below, and I actually like how it looks like it’s cap sleeves are in it.

stitch fix

Pretty sure I don’t like that purple shirt. I like the style, but maybe not with leggings? Skinny jeans seemed to bulky with the pockets. I’d love to know your favorite piece from my box!

For those of you curious about Stitch Fix, go online and fill out the information, it’s a bit of a fun process, just answering the questions for the consultants to get a feel for your style. To learn more about Stitch Fix, see my first post here. Full disclosure: I get a credit for each person who signs up on my MY LINK.

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  1. We love pattern mixing at our house. My daughter is the queen of it! I think it your sweater and skirt totally work. The trick with pattern mixing is to balance your patterns – they can’t be the same size. The pattern in your sweater is small and the pattern in your skirt is larger so they balance out! Love it

  2. I just signed up to receive my first box. What a great idea. I love the necklace and cream shirt. I’ve always been nervous when it come to mixing patterns, but I think you pulled it off well. As for the purple shirt, it’s definitely a matter of finding the right pants to go with it.

  3. I think you mixed the patterns right, small scale with larger scale, sticking in the same color palette. But, I tend to agree with you, I don’t think I’d make it out of the house. Pattern mixing might be a little too odd for my very non-trendy style. Which maybe means you shouldn’t listen to me! Cream sweater for the win, love it paired with white pants and boots – good choice! For the purple shirt, I think full length leggings and boots would be a safer bet, and maybe move the banded bottom of the shirt up slightly so it drapes or billows more – a good drape can be slimming/flattering!

  4. I like the pattern mixing! The combo really works on you! And that cream shirt, the way you styled it, looks gorgeous!

  5. I do like the mixed patterns in this case. It almost seems as if the sweater flows into the skirt.
    My favorite in the box would have to be the cream shirt.

  6. yeah, nay on the patterned outfit. I think the pieces are good, just not together. I love the dolman purple top! It makes your shape look so good! But I’d have to see it in a different pose with arms down?

  7. I really like your pattern mixing. I am a little chicken about wearing them out too, but maybe a few positive votes from others will up your ‘brave’ level? Thanks for your blog of fun, and your books to help me take better pictures!

  8. I say Yay to this mixed pattern outfit. The skirt looks great on you and you can mix and match with so many other colors (maybe not with other patterns but the polka dots work out great). I would certainly keep that skirt!

  9. Auntiepatch says:


  10. I think it looks great!! I’ve tried mixing patterns, but I haven’t really mastered it. It goes against my nature. I like all the pieces you got though.

  11. So, I’m on the verge of ordering myself a box… I’m just scared!! I feel like I’m putting a lot of restrictions on the box with my need for covered shoulders and knee length skirts/shorts. I love the idea of someone else shopping for me though! I want to try new things, I just don’t always know what to try.

  12. Great picks! I need more patterned items in my closet, because I can only think of one top that’s not solid–read: boring 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration. Too bad Stitch Fix doesn’t mail to Costa Rica…or if they do I could never afford it, haha.