What I Wore this Summer

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I haven’t shared a “fashion” post in quite a while. Not that I consider myself a fashion blogger OR anything glamourous, but I like to dress up, be adventurous, and try to put outfits together that are unique. I’ve often participated in What I Wore Wednesday from The Pleated Poppy. I used to figure out what time she went live, and either stay up or set my alarm for  2 am because that is when her post went live (midnight in California) to link up to her link party. You get more “seen” when you’re at the top of the post, and well, I figured if I was going to put myself out there with sharing my clothing posts, I wanted to at least get some comments and feedback on them (more helpful at the top). It’s an awkward vulnerability to post a bunch of pictures of myself pretending to be a model, but I LOVE looking at others’ posts for inspiration, so every once in a while, I’ll post mine. I’ll be lucky to get mine up this week before Wednesday ends, so I did NOT wake up early to post this.  Here are a handful of outfits I wore this summer. I’d love to hear your fave in the comments!

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These aren’t even all from the last week, but kinda from the whole summer, when I’d think of it. If you want to see my past WIW posts, you can click at the top on FASHION, or the direct link is there now.

Summer time is a time of pool and relaxing. This is what I looked like most of the time:

pool love

My sis in law got me the anchor bag for my birthday, orange checker dress is a few years old. My swimsuit peeking through is from Lime Ricki 3 years ago!

I LOVE colorful sunglasses. When they are $10 or under, and I tend to lose them, I’ve just invested in a handful of pairs over the years. Below, we biked to the pool. I tried to exercise with my kids at least once a week this summer. neon love running gear

My son took this of me when we were on a run.  running clothes

So when I get dressed up, it tends to be on Sundays when I go to church! Lots of dresses, even with it so hot, I kinda prefer skirts anyway.

pink and orange

I got this orange and pink floral skirt many many years ago and just can’t let it go. Have to wear it at least once each summer. Wedges I got in Alaska for $11. lavender and mint2

Lace/lavender dress from The Chic Orchid last summer.

Tieks pink shoes with turquoise

I got some hot pink TIEKS. They are on the pricier side, but they are very very comfortable.
lavender and mint

Clearly, I like STRIPES. (above dress from Gap outlet, camera necklace is old)hello apparal

I got this anchor shirt from Hello Apparel. I was excited to pair it with my trusty striped skirt. I wasn’t sure how it looked in tucked, but it was kinda baggy at the bottom, so I just went for it. Take a risk, right?  (skirt older from Downeast Basics)

I tied my hair up in rags for fun one night, and got some CRAZY curly hair!

hair tied in rags

Lastly, one of my favorite dresses from the summer came from Downeast Basics. I can only order online around here, and was SO sad when I couldn’t get my size online. I asked my friend Kelli from Lolly Jane if she’d be willing to buy it for me at her local store and mail it to me, and she went out that same day. She’s the BEST!!! I liked it a lot, but didn’t realize how much I’d LOVE it tile I got it!!! SO comfortable, a great length, and fun and colorful. WIN-WIN-WIN! I randomly paired it with the teal and blue’s and can’t go back now, I love it so much!  I actually wasn’t so sure I loved the long in back and short in front at first. I know it’s the style lately, but it isn’t my fave. I was going to cut it and hem it to the same length, but my friend Alisha forbid me to do so.

downeast yellow dress

The necklace is also from Downeast. Downeast Basics yellow dress

Below, I tried it with teal flats, I like that for more casual and my nude pumps when I want to be extra tall! (To make my hair curly like this, I braided my hair in about 10 braids, and slept in it.)dresses with girls

Here are some of my past summer “what I wore” posts. Lovin’ Skirts and embracing NEON.

So tell me your favorite outfit??  Do you wear bright and crazy colorful sunglasses like me?

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  1. Rebecca Ashby says:

    I’ve always thought you had a cute sense of style! And you look great in anything!

  2. You are just so cute! I think that you have amazing hair and darling style. I love DownEast and their stuff looks so good on you!! 🙂

    • Kristen Duke says:

      Thanks, Camille!!! It’s nice to see you around here, and I do love to get a little fancy from time to time;) I wish I had a Downeast down the road…then again, no one has it around here, so I can be a bit more original.

  3. Love, love, love the pink and orange floral skirt. You look extra slim in it! Just goes to show that classic stuff can be worn for years and years and always looks good! And you always accessorize so well!

    • Kristen Duke says:

      Thank you, Ines!! I do love it, and have actually lost weight since I first got it, so it feels extra great!

  4. I love the yellow down east dress. I went there in Utah for shirts and shorts, but got three dresses because they are so cute (and inexpensive!) there.

  5. So fun! Love all the colors you wore!

  6. You have touched some nice factors here.


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