Wrapping up my East Coast Trip~Baltimore for the Day

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I’ve had Baltimore lingering in my mind, calling me, beckoning me to blog about him…feeling sad and left out.  So, I had to do him justice and give you the highlights of our half a day in the city (yes, I just decided Baltimore is a “he”). Funny enough, my boys were actually pretty excited to visit Baltimore because they played on the Ravens flag football team last year, and have Ravens jerseys.  They brought them for the occasion (it can be flipped inside out, so they each wore one color of the jersey).

They actually willingly posed (sortof) for these pictures. We probably should have gone to a fancy seafood restaraunt on the Harbour, but we are boring and not so fancy and wanted familiar. So we had burgers at Hard Rock Cafe. My hubby and I were excited to introduce it to our boys, but guess what? They had no clue what it was, and didn’t fully get the excitement around it because there wasn’t really anyone that they had heard of inside. Not even Elvis stuff…We saw a bunch of boats–old & new…My son thought he could dodge my camera…uh uh uh…don’t even try it.

Then as we were headed towards the car to drive to the airport, I spotted a wall and there was just too beautiful of light to keep walking. I asked my hubs to snap a few shots of me and my boys (I was feeling nostalgic that our trip was drawing to a close). As he did so, a nice business clad gentleman walked by and asked if he could take a snap of all of us. Wow, that was so nice. Michael wasn’t overly interested, but I called him over to join us, and we got one final shot of the 4 of us. I love my family. I love to travel. I love to photograph people and places. It was special to share this trip with my older boys, and combine these loves of mine. Not something that will happen often, I wanted them to know that they are important and special, and we gave them our undivided attention.  They are such good boys…striving to do what is right…to please their momma…and so loveable.  It was a wonderful adventure. I feel blessed and grateful.



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  1. Kristi Haskins says:

    Great family memories – thanks for sharing. As always, the pictures are so fun to look at. I talked to the boys about the trip and they both said it was amazing. Sweet fellas!

  2. You were in Baltimore and didn’t even stop by to see Fort McHenry? Or have a crab cake? Next time you’re in my neck of the woods, let me know and I’ll make sure to direct you to a great crab spot! Great pictures. GO RAVENS!!

  3. Great photos. I’m glad you were able to enjoy so many places on your trip out here. It is a cool place to visit (and live!) 🙂

  4. Norman hill says:

    They are such good boys. You have captured many different facets of their individual personalities in these photos. Well done!

  5. 4 of you AND they’re looking at the camera! Such a rarity!

  6. Great photos!
    Cute hair tie thing (the name for such thing escapes me right now – but you wear it well!!)