#038 Aly Brooks // Just One Rule: Be Cool

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This week on the Beyond Good Intentions parenting podcast, we will hear from my friend Aly!

You’ll have to listen through the end to see why “Be Cool” is the main rule at the Brooks household. I kinda love it! Aly is a dear friend of mine, and you’ll hear us chat about how we met a few years ago in the first few minutes of the podcast. We talk about her new business venture in the beginning, which is helping moms with starting or building small businesses, in Mind Your Own Business Mom.

After those intros, she nervously mentions that there were some hard things in her growing up life. I really appreciate her candid-ness in sharing this, because I hear from a lot of people that they want to hear about the “not so perfect” families, but let me tell you, A LOT OF PEOPLE DON’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT! In fact, I’ve asked several friends to share stories, and they don’t want to. It’s too hard. So I appreciate those willing to share the hard and uncomfortable, because people need to hear that, too.

If you know someone that has a HARD story, but they are willing to share to benefit others, I’d love you to nominate them!

Aly talks about how she has developed closeness with her kids, even as they enter the teen years. Rather than look at the behavior, look at the root of what’s going on. She gets emotional as she talks about becoming an advocate for your kids, and building them up despite their challenges…from suffering to compassion.

We talk about social media, video games, and being a mean mom sometimes!

Baby Wise Wisdom: Your baby is welcome to join you and your family, but the world does not revolve around them.


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Favorite Games: Cover your Assets // Yahtzee

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