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I am mostly retired (at the moment) from taking portrait sessions, staring and 2014 and still in 2015. I had to cut something out, and I lost the fire for photography as a business, so I dedicate my time to share about photography and family fun on this website. I do occasional photo sessions for trade, so if you have something to trade, shoot me an email, I may just want to do it! I still want to keep all the info below, for other photographers to see how I worked as a business, or for clients to see what to expect.

I’ll always have pictures and photo ideas to share, so click the picture category above to see past portrait sessions.

{To see my favorite images of 2011, where I selected 1 from each of my 70 sessions all in one spot, then asked my readers to vote. Click here to see them.}

My Philosophy

I understand that some people would like a custom tailored session orchestrated just for them, while others just want “a few pictures” to remember this moment in time. For that reason, I have two options for you to choose from.

Lifestyle Custom Portrait Session:

My favorite portrait sessions are capturing family interaction and play at your own home or favorite family spot.  The Lifestyle Custom Portrait Session is a collaboration between my ideas and those that hold special meaning to you. I send you a questionnaire and together we create your dream session and cater it to you specifically. Do you love to go get ice cream as a family?  Love to make pancakes together on Saturday mornings? Have a favorite game you play in your yard? I am a “fly on the wall” capturing your family as they are, in a photo journalistic way, not posed.  I want you to walk away from this session with a documentation of a slice of your life. I don’t want you to have a “hard time choosing” because I want you to have them all, so this package is all inclusive! For this purpose, I carefully select the best images from our session with a “storytelling album” in mind, and they are together on a disc ready to print, and in a slideshow format. Images that paint a picture…the story of you.  Best for family, High School Seniors, couples, or newborn sessions.

The Custom Portrait Session ($695) includes:

  • Pre-session clothing consultation & location discussion
  • 45-90 minute custom tailored session (in home or favorite family spot)
  • Online sneak peek on my blog with minimum 5 images within a week of your session (opt out if desired)
  • Full resolution disc of up to 40 images within 3 weeks of your session
  • 16×20 wall print of your favorite image

The deposit and session fee’s are non refundable, but transferable to another date, in the event of illness or inclement weather. Contact Kristen via email to secure your custom portrait time slot, along with an idea of where you’d like your session to take place.

Here is a sampling of lifestyle images:

To see more from this session, CLICK HERE.

When most people think about hiring a professional photographer, they don’t consider their home as the backdrop they are looking for. But why not??? Beautiful portraits in the place you spend the most time as a family offers the most unique atmostphere. I would suggest this only if you love the decor in your home, and it is free of clutter. I often like to create activities such as hanging out on the couches, sitting around the piano, jumping on the trampoline, or even having a cookie making event in the kitchen. Possibilities are endless–what does your family love to do at home together?

To see more from this session, CLICK HERE and HERE.

Petite Portrait Session ($275):

All inclusive mini session & images.  Best for posed family shots, maternity, & senior portraits.

This petite session ($275) includes:

  • pre-session clothing consultation
  • 15 minute session (generally on a pre-set date, time selected, occasionally as needed)
  • minimum 15 images fully edited images on a flash drive to print at your discretion

This 15 minute mini session will not happen every month (see below for current slots). I will select the date and location and will hold firm to the time slots. This shortened session doesn’t lack in beautiful moments captured, just in the variety, and are more posed in nature. For Petite Portrait Session samples, see here and here . This session offers you an alternative to the Lifestyle Custom Portrait Session and is more posed in nature. With just enough time for 1 family pose and a few individual shots, or a handful of shots of just children/senior in high school. This includes all of the best images, minimum of 10, generally up to 40. Each petite date is limited to 6 clients (see below for times), up to a family of 8.

*If you’d like a longer session, but don’t want the print, please email Kristen so something can we worked out. 

*add Texas sales tax to the above prices

**If you find you are not completely satisfied with your gallery images, I am happy to re-shoot your session. I don’t want you to worry going into your session that your investment in portraits hinges on one day. I want you to be happy:)


The Great Outdoors

To see more gorgeous images from this session, CLICK HERE.

Urban Adventure

The urban sessions are becoming a lot more popular as clients are wanting something unique for their home. I like to look for color and texture and fun buildings. Most of the time, I will have you meet me in one urban setting that has several different looks within walking distance from each other.  To see more from this session, CLICK HERE.

Click on the links highlighted to see images of the different types of sessions.

For Teens and Couple sessions we do some location hopping to 4-5 different spots close in driving proximity to each other. We can often include all three types of locations, but usually at least two of these settings. I LOVE photographing couples/engagements, but I do not shoot weddings, and I understand that some want the same photographer for both.

For families and young children, just one spot is best. I take a variety of poses as well as individual shots, just kids, & just mom and dad (and whatever else you’d like).

Newborns are often done in the home, as I take a photojournalistic approach to the new life with mom and dad often included. My black backdrop can be used upon request.

Maternity, it all depends on what you want, but venturing to an urban and an outdoor location is do-able. Though I can do a full custom session, often women just want a few shots, and the petite sessions are recommended.

What to wear?

This comes up a lot, and I’m more than happy to talk through your ideas and offer suggestions. I LOVE coordinating outfits (take a look at my family portraits). My biggest suggestion is coordinate, not necessarily match. Pick 2 or 3 colors that you want to use, keeping in mind the room in your home that you want to display your wall portrait. If you have red walls, do you want to wear greens and have it look too “Christmas-y”? Do you want to wear orange and browns if your family room is teal and grey? I spend a lot of brain power in planning our outfits. But be yourself, and the personality will shine through. *Upon booking your session, I will email you a link with style and color boards with lots of ideas for what to wear, like this:

click on image below for lots of ideas!


Plan to To have fun! To laugh, to smile, just relax and let me do the work.

A word to Families…

The worst thing a parent can do to their child at their portrait session is to grit through their teeth “You better smile or else…” Really, they will listen to me MUCH better than they will listen to you (don’t take that personally). Plan on letting me take over and teasing them into smiling. Trust me–I have been there with my kids gritting my teeth and it DOESN’T work! And please don’t be embarrassed with less than 100% cooperation, I’m sorta used to it…I do this a lot and I don’t think anything about your parenting methods–most kids don’t want to be told what to do. I try to make it fun for them.

It is always great to offer incentive such as going out for ice cream after (a little bribery doesn’t hurt) but don’t hold it over their head the whole session. Let me know what it is, and I’ll remind them. I may take each child for an individual walk away from everyone to have a one on one conversation and get those natural smiles.

Honestly, dads are often my toughest cases. Moms, dad might need a little incentive, too:) Sometimes, I get the kids to tickle dad to crack that natural smile. Oh yeah, and mom, don’t be too hard on yourself. Wear a shirt that you feel good about yourself in and plan the family clothing options around it. I recognize that if mom doesn’t look good, she won’t love the portraits, and I want you to LOVE them! I am a big advocate of moms being in pictures with their kids because they are often the unseen behind the camera.


When you are ready to book, click Contact Kristen above, and let me know the timeframe you are looking for. I generally schedule my sessions Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday evenings and Saturday mornings.  April, May, October, & November are my busiest times of the year, so if you are wanting to book then, do so in advance! But I will often have some openings in there if you are last minute and flexible.

Once we pick a date, your session fee is due within 5 days to reserve your date. I accept checks via mail, or credit cards with paypal.

If you find you need to re-schedule from your booked date, 24 hours in advance is preferable with a good reason, but I know sickness can happen just hours before. Please, just let me know, and we will find a new date. Because I am only part time, I find ways to help you out.

At this booking time, we will discuss what type of session you are looking for. If you aren’t sure, see session details for ideas.

Holiday Portrait Sessions go quickly, and I will not book anything after Thanksgiving due to the rush for holiday cards as well as for my own peace and sanity.

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