Do you have a fancy camera that you don’t know how to use? Frustrated that you spent so much money and always shooting on Auto with so/so results? I’d love to help you learn how to use that camera with simple/easy to understand steps. I’ve had 100% positive feedback that this photography guide has helped many Say NO to Auto for good! Over 5000 sold.

{I will be moving across the country in July 2020, so will not be shipping out any printed books. If you want printed, you can purchase and I will ship in late August, otherwise, go for the digital versions of the books!}


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You’ve come to the right spot to purchase my books. For beginners still on auto: Say NO to Auto is a great place to start.  For intermediate levels who understand manual settings, Get Focused will enhance your creativity and sharpness.  At the very bottom of this page, both printed copies of the books can be purchased (together) to save on shipping.

For more specific information on these books, click on the links  below to read all about them along with reviews in the comments:

Say NO to Auto: 3 Basic steps to understanding manual Camera settings

Get Focused: 12 creative tips & techniques to bring your photography to a higher level 

Though I receive payment via PayPal, you do not have to have a PayPal account to purchase, you can pay with your credit card or e-check (few day delay on e-check processing) for the items below.  Just look for the link to pay without a PayPal account. Please see info at the bottom of the page about shipping out the printed copies, and e-books on iPAD and Kindles.

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{About shipping printed books:  I self publish my books, and my home is my storage.  I also work alone to ship them out.  For that reason, I ship out the printed copies every Tuesday and some Saturdays.  Please be patient as they will arrive 7-10 days after purchase. Your confirmation for the printed book will be from paypal, I do not send out a “shipped” email, but you can surely email me if you are wondering the status.  Thank you for your understanding!

About e-books:  Right now, the e-books are not formatted for kindle.  They are color image rich, and can be downloaded as jpg picture files on the Kindle Fire and iPADs, but you may need to first download it onto a PC or laptop via the zip file and then transfer.

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