10 Cute Dog Essentials

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We just inherited my parents dog, Simba, and before he came around, I was completely CLUELESS on how to take care of dogs, what he’d like to eat, even toys he might like. I like FUN and COLORFUL, and if I’m going to do it, I’m going to do it right.  Through some trial and error, we’ve got some things figured out with accessories, so I thought I’d share! Links contain affiliates for Amazon. Though I’m not sure I would quite classify myself as a dog person, I don’t hate the dog, and he seems to like me best, so it really shouldn’t be all that bad, right? We’ve had to hire a trainer to teach him some basics in obedience, and he still barks a ton at people knocking at the door…does that ever end? Hoping the trainer will help with that.

10 fun essentials your dog and you will love! Capturing-Joy.com

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When our little pup arrived, I wasn’t too thrilled about his dog collar.

It was fine for my parents, but I wanted a little bit more Pizzaz! These colorful, fun, and stylish collars are RIGHT up my alley! I also see them as fairly gender neutral.

cute stylish dog collars

Gender neutral colorful, cute, and stylish dog collar

{This brand has SO many cute collars, click on the link and look at the bottom for more options}

doughnut dog toy

Cute Doughnut Dog Toy

colorful dog water dish

Colorful Dog Water Dish

Cute dog leash

Super Cute Dog Leash

Cute dog treats

Cute as a Button Dog Treats

cute dog bed

Strawberry Dog Bed/House

chuck it dog toy

Chuck It Ball Launcher

dog home grooming set

Dog Grooming Set

colorful outside dog house

Outside Dog House

cute dog harness

Cute Dog Harness



I’d love you to share something your dog has loved, either from this list or other so I can check it out!  Also, please share any tips on getting dogs to stop barking at people just walking by, pretty please!


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