10 Snacks and Crafts to Celebrate Leap Day

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I’m so excited, we get a LEAP day this year! I thought it would be fun to round up some ideas to have a little family fun on leap day, just a simple kids snack or craft to commemorate the unique day we only have every 4 years.

10 Leap Day Craft and Treat Ideas

Click on the links below each image to be taken to the post with more tips and details on each images.


Jello Frog pond leap day snack idea

Jello Frog Pond


Frog Eyes Leap Day party snack idea

Frog Eyes

Kiss the frog leap day party idea

Kiss the Frog

Inflatable frog beach ball for leap day party idea

Inflatable Frog Toy (affiliate)

Frog hats leap day craft

Frog Hats

Frogs on a log leap day snack idea

Frogs on a log


frog hand print leap day craft

Frog Hand Print

frog face leap day party idea

Frog face with tongue

toilet paper roll frog craft for leap day

Toilet paper roll frog craft

Leap Day snack idea Frog Watermelon Carve a Watermelon Frog

I also found these colorful frogs on Amazon!

Celebrate a unique day this February 29th with your kids on Leap Day!


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