Apple Jokes and Back to School Shopping

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It’s back to school time for my kids, and I’ve got some apple jokes to add to the 100’s of lunch jokes I’ve shared in the past, and I’m thrilled to share them with you now! Scroll down to the bottom to download and print the apple jokes.

This post is brought to you by Abercrombie Kids. While this is sponsored, all content and opinions are my own.

teens in back to school clothes

Back to School Shopping

There is something about the season right before school starts that calls for fresh clothes. I want my kids to look their best as they start a new year, and of course I’ll be snapping those FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL pictures that I love. I remember when I was younger, it was all about the clothes. Now, I get it, it’s material things that we really shouldn’t put much stock into, but the clothes really can “make the man” and give a little confidence boost as the kids go off to the start of a new school year. I’ve always believed in the magic of new back to school clothes.

handstand in pink jeans

{Shop this look: top–easy floral tee, black //  bottom– pull on jean leggings, light pink}

When I was in fifth grade, I was obsessed with this pink pair of overalls. I even took my school pictures with them that year and a red t-shirt. I look back and think, “why the heck did I choose to pair it with a red t-shirt?” but you just can’t argue with my 5th grade mind. I love that I took the picture that year in them, because I remember loving them, and feeling so cool in them. 

I definitely try to instill in my kids their own sense of self worth, aside from appearance, but remembering the confidence boost I had in my new pink overalls, I know it’s important TO THEM to have new digs for back to school, for that extra bounce in their step.

skip in your step leap

{Shop this look: top–contrast crew tee, light pink //  bottom– super skinny jeans, medium wash}

Online Back To School Shopping

I took my kids back to school shopping this year on the computer! I must say, I’m a really big fan of online shopping. Abercrombie Kids has a great selection of clothes for every kind of kid and every kind of adventure. Everyone needs basic denim, so we started there. We all need some denim, right? And right now it’s BOGO 50% off at Abercrombie Kids. (Also get 2 tees for $15) The denim sizes run from 3/4 to 15/16, and each of my 3 kids picked their own preferred style. Then, to pair with their selected denim, they found a handful of shirts they loved from new arrivals to the Everybody collection (gender neutral clothes that can be worn by boys or girls). Tops run from 5/6 to 15/16.


teen boy walking in grass

{Shop this look: top–icon printed tee, red ombre //  bottom– straight jeans, dark wash}

Apple Jokes

Along with sending them off with fresh new clothes, I love sending my kids lunch jokes while they are at school, as a way of telling them I miss them, and I hope they are having a great day. I’m sharing this new set of apple jokes today, and I know my kids will be excited about the new set, as they’ve now been given all of the other lunch jokes I have once before.

Sending in lunch jokes is not only a way for my kids to get some love from momma, but also to share with their friends at their lunch table, which I’ve heard brings laughter to everyone, and that start to look forward to it from my kids lunches! I love that it helps bring them together with their peers.

Printable sheet of Apple Jokes

>>If you’d like to download and print the apple jokes, you can do that RIGHT HERE! Apple Jokes

Below, my youngest, Cali, chose the unicorn flip sequin tee.Have you ever played with those before? So fun! When I saw the pink jeans, ( pull on jean leggings, light pink ) I was hoping she’d pick that, and sure enough…she did! Reminded me of the pale pink overalls I wore in 5th grade.

girls in sequin unicorn shirt from abercrombie

Alyssa and Cali are both fashionistas. I adore the below icon pattern crew tee in white rose that Alyssa is wearing below with her super skinny jeans.teen girl in rose tee shirt and jeans

I love that my son is not afraid to wear color, and I just love the way the icon crew tee and blue classic shorts look on him!

teen boy in back to school clothes

As we head into this next year, we are feeling excited, and ready to conquer another one!

kids standing on picnic table in new clothes

teen girl posing for photo


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