Apple Slice Bird Feeders

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Hello Capturing Joy readers! I am Bethany and I blog at Whistle and Ivy, where I share free crochet patterns (these mama and baby flip-flops are perfect for summer!) and fun crafts and recipes. Today I am sharing these easy apple slice bird feeders. My son absolutely loved making them with me.



Make these fun and easy apple slice bird feeders: a fun kids activity to do this summer!


What you need:

  • Peanut Butter
  • Bird Seed
  • 1 Large Apple
  • Yarn or String
  • Tapestry Needle

Start by slicing your apple. No special kitchen contraption needed, just a sharp knife! Be careful not to get your fingers.


Next, get ready to spread a layer of peanut butter on your apples slices. Before spreading the peanut butter, dab your apples with a paper towel. The peanut butter sticks much better when the apples are a bit dry.


Pour some bird seed onto a plate and dip the apple slices, peanut butter side down, into the seeds.





Some of the apples may not have made it into the seed dish! The peanut butter and apples were too temping so we took a snack break.



To hang the apple slice bird feeders, thread your tapestry needle with the yarn or string (I used 100% cotton yarn), and push it through the apples near the top.




Tie them on a good brand in a tree and watch the birds come! We have noticed more birds on our yard already.



I hope you try this simple and fun project with your kids this summer! My 3 year-old is starting to show a real interest in nature, so I plan on doing some more easy, nature-oriented activities. I need some ideas, what are your favorites?

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