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Hello my photographer friend!

I am so happy you are here. You are a passionate, dedicated individual simply wanting to capture the joy in life in a beautiful way, and I’m here to help you. I’ve modified an in-person workshop I used to teach to a virtual, 40-minute video that teaches you 3 of the most useful manual camera settings you need to know. And it’s free! 

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DSLR camera training

I can imagine that, just like me back in the day, you have tried over and over to figure out that dang complicated camera with all of its buttons and settings, and often feel deflated. You feel like you ALMOST have it figured out, but can’t quite get there. I was there, I get it.

In all honesty, you likely feel like you’re stuck on a hamster wheel and you know there has got to be a better way. You see glimpses of beautiful images taken from your camera, but you can’t quite figure out how you did it, or how to replicate it. If something doesn’t change, you may just bury your camera in the back of your closet indefinitely! 

I’ve walked in those well-worn shoes of yours, feeling that same stress and strain of unfulfillment and burn out from tying again and again. It does get better! I’m on the other side of that frustration and here to help you.

In 2010, I began teaching moms and new photographers how to use their fancy cameras in my book “Say NO to Auto” that has ultimately sold over 10,000+ copies, and then a year later in 2011 began traveling the US teaching in person workshops to hundreds of anxious photographers from New York to Alaska with many states in between. I started planning family trips around the demand to teach workshops in certain cities, which was (and still is) really FUN!

When I got requests to go to Brazil, Australia, and Germany, though they sounded so exciting, I knew I just couldn’t do it all. The past year I’ve been dreaming up the how to share more of the beginner photography video Workshop, and I’m so happy to announce that it’s HERE (and FREE)!!!

I’ve had the desire to teach even more, so I turned my expertise into the “Say NO to Auto” video workshop training, and now I can reach even more frustrated photographers and teach them just HOW to use their SLR cameras. 

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If you want to truly learn how to use the manual settings on your camera, you can capture beautiful images, and enjoy photo heirlooms for years to come.

Are you ready to join me on an adventure to truly learn the 3 basics steps to understand manual camera settings with my online training? If you’re saying, “COUNT ME IN” then let’s get started, my friend!

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Now, if that isn’t enough to tell you about this fabulous training, here are more details.Say NO to Auto DSLR Camera training

This workshop covers the basics. For those that have never taken the switch off of AUTO, you may find these beginner 3 steps in the Say NO to Auto video to be intimidating at first. But you are in good hands, be patient with yourself and the process of learning and practicing.

What’s in the Video?

  • How to find the right buttons to push on your camera
  • Aperture (f-stop)
  • Shutter speed
  • ISO
  • Lighting, examples
  • Lens suggestions
  • flashes of each page of my Say NO to Auto e-book within the video

What is not in the video?

  • This is not a business workshop. We will not be discussing how to start a business.
  • We won’t go over advanced editing techniques with Photoshop. 
  • We will not discuss flash, strobe, or backdrop setups.
  • Though the pages of the e-book flash across the video screen, the download for the e-book is a separate  purchase

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I sent this workshop video to a handful people from all different photography backgrounds. Very beginner, Intermediate levels, even a few professionals to get their feedback. I also sent it to people who attended my LIVE workshop, so you can hear from their perspective how this video helped them.

from the beginners:

“The Say NO to Auto video workshop really made everything “click” for me!  I had TONS of pages printed off google from other resources, and it was so nice to have all the info, clear as day, in one easy to watch spot!  It really is what taught me how to shoot in Manual settings.”

Jessica~ Kailua, HI 

“I’ve had beginner DSLRs for a couple years, but have never been confident enough to shoot in manual mode. Usually I shoot in Auto or Av mode.  This video truly helped me to get a good grasp of the three important aspects of shooting in manual. For some reason, even though I’ve read various articles, links, and blog posts, as well as my camera manual, I still haven’t gotten a handle on manual mode just by reading about it. Having the audio and a real person explaining makes a big difference!”

Blair~Corpus Christi, TX

“I loved how simply Kristen explained things – I have read SO many tutorials, and there have been a couple of things that just haven’t clicked for me.  Mostly about shutter speed.  It clicked today!  I had my camera sitting here with me, and did things along with Kristen.  THIS video is great!” 

Kristin~Junction, Utah

Intermediate level:

“I wanted to tell you how much I loved watching your “Say No to Auto” video workshop.  I went to your workshop a couple of years ago, and I thought I had incorporated most of the elements of the course into my shooting, but as I watched the digital workshop I realized how much I had learned at the time, and have forgotten since then. I don’t shoot as often as I like, so it is awesome to be able to go back and review after long stretches of not breaking the camera out of my bag. Thanks for putting this together, I look forward to taking my photography to the next level!”   

Travis~Tucson, Arizona

“My husband and son surprised me with my SLR camera in May and I challenged myself to shoot entirely in manual mode, so I immediately got online and ordered the book, Say No to Auto.   I love the book as a reference point and return to it over and over again (I carry it in my camera bag). Watching the video gave me the opportunity to hold my camera in my hands and practice changing settings and finding the correct buttons at the same time. I love that I can learn about my camera while wearing pajamas!”

Stephanie~Scott City, KS

“The whole “manual setting thing” has always been confusing and intimidating to me, and to have someone SHOW me how to do something was very helpful. I really liked watching YOU on the video.  You were very clear and easy to understand.”

Julie~Banks, Oregon


“No fooling around with a lot of photography jargon, just good information in a simple format. I think the video workshop is a good addition to the book because there are more details and information. I love that with the video download, I am  able to watch as many times as I want!”

Aline, Kaehler Photo~Curitiba, Brazil

“I had some knowledge of shooting in manual when I attended the Say No to Auto workshop in March of 2011.  After attending the workshop, my prior knowledge was reinforced but my biggest a ha moment was learning the “rule” of number of people and your aperture settings. That was huge for me.  The book was a fantastic resource tool for many months afterwards.  I have now had a very successful photography business for almost 3 years.  I highly recommend taking Kristen’s workshop, ebooks, and her video to start learning how you can take amazing pictures with your own camera.  I definitely think if I just watched the video I would definitely have learned just as much.”

Brandie Kennedy Photography~Austin, Texas

“I bought your book a while back and it was very helpful for when I first started out.  The video definitely helped cement important points of photography.  Everything was set out in a methodical, clear manner. I think it is a wonderful product. As a intermediate/advanced photographer I didn’t really learn anything new, because I’ve felt comfortable in my understanding of the settings after practicing for a few years. My 70 year old father-in-law was sitting next to me when I was watching, and I saw the lights go on as he watched.  He has been photographing in auto for years.”

Ruby-Jane Photography~Johannesburg, South Africa

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