Big wooden custom signs as room decor

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I started painting my boys room over a year ago with big plans in my head that just aren’t getting executed quick enough. They’ve sat dormant until now. My goal is to show you the room reveal by the end of January–I’m so close! For now, here are 2 huge signs we hung in their room over the weekend. They love both BYU and UT, so both are represented;)

There was some major empty wall space that needed to be filled, and my favorite way to do that is to GO BIG!!!! I had my friend Chelon at Chatty Walls created a vinyl stencil for me because I wanted the painted look. If you’re not sure how that works, I did the same method for my You Are Loved canvas (and show how I did it). The final board size was 48 inches wide by 28 inches tall.

painted wood


I then wanted a bit of a different look for the UT sign with jagged edges. This would look great with real worn wood as well, but this one was stained a brown and the longhorn was also painted around a vinyl stencil. If you want to make either of these, contact Chelon at Chatty Walls, she’s already got them made! If BYU or UT isn’t your school, she can custom make any design you’d like.

wood sign

My boys faces when they saw these were priceless–brought me joy, I tell ya!

The signs altogether were SUPER heavy! I did a little research and decided to use D rings attached on the back and anchor them to the walls. The package said they’d hold up to 100 pounds, I’m thinking these were 50-70 lbs. (I’m the worst judge of guestimating).


My hubby rocks, he’s gettin’ this done!Ā  He has a much steadier hand than me, and well…power tools and measuring scare me (though I did hang several other things in this room).

wall art

wall decorThis is just a little peek into the fun room we are creating for our boys.Ā  Now go make something BIG to fill those empty spaces on your walls!


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  1. These look great, love it! I made my sister a ginormous wooden sign for Christmas and loved it so much I wanted to keep it! Definitely will be making another one.

  2. Love! I’m pinning! Any tips on how to stack the wood?

    • Kristen Duke says:

      do you mean how to attach the wood?

    • Kristen Duke says:

      If you look at the picture with my husband drilling, you can see that on the back, all of the horizontal pieces are attached with a vertical piece of wood drilled into them to hold them together.

  3. Looking forward to the room reveal!

  4. Very cool! I love that M is in his Sunday clothes! Can’t wait to see the room all done!

  5. Such a great idea! Our neighbor has her entire backyard full of pallets and I’m trying to brave up the courage to ask her for some (assuming she speaks a little English!) they would work great for something like this…

    • Kristen Duke says:

      Have you tried to break apart a palette? My hubby is pretty handy and it was a bear and he said he would not like to ever do that again! The idea is great though, seems intuitive to use free wood!

  6. I think those wooden sign boards are such a cute idea šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ I really like the second one very much šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather šŸ™‚

  7. Loving this idea – just need to figure out what I want to make BIG! Thanks for linking up over at Finding the Pretty & Delicious Link Party this week!!

  8. I want a big sign!!! What a great project. I’m sure your boys were thrilled! Thanks for sharing at One Creative Weekend!

  9. Love this Kristen!!!

  10. This is a great idea! I often don’t like sports things in the house b/c they aren’t pretty, but I love this!

  11. i am doing something similar and was wondering how you painted the Texas longhorn on? Did you paint over the stencil or did you trace the stencil and then paint the outline?

  12. The idea of owning a business is becoming popular, and with that being the case, so is the art of making custom signs for those businesses. There are so many ways to go about pursuing a career in this field, it’s just a matter of finding out what your good at. It’s worth looking into if your into art and are good at being creative.

  13. Wow, those signs look really great! I think I’ll have to give that a shot for my kids’ doors! And they don’t look DIY at all! I am really impressed, I hope they’re as easy as they look!

  14. The sign with the longhorn painted around the vinyl stencil looks classic and rustic, especially because of those worn wood touches. Your other design came out quite nice as well.

  15. Looks really cool! I’ll have to make one for my alma mater. It’d look great in my man cave! Thanks for sharing.

  16. I absolutely love these, and I really love how big you made them. Thank you for sharing this with us. I will have to try these some day.

  17. Hello! Where did you get your BYU stencil? I have a cabinet project and want to use it for BYU. Any ideas


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