Birthday Cookies with a clever little box

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Ok, before I share my big birthday post, I thoughts I’d share the cutest idea from my friend Debra, and it needs its own post. She brought me this delightful array of colorful cookies for my birthday.

She knows I love treats.  She knows I like bright and colorful.  Did she know how much I LOVE sugar cookies?  Would she realize how much I would adore the presentation? Making a gift cute really goes the extra mile in my book.  However, I rarely do it.  I often throw things in a Target bag, tie it in a knot, and say “here” when gifting a friend or family member. At baby showers, I am running out the door and rarely even include a card and just shout out “It’s from me” as they are searching through the re-used gift bag to see who its from.  I like gift giving, I do it often, I just don’t make it cute like I like.  I wish I did.  And these cookies!  I need a tutorial…do you think I can get her to do one for us??? Maybe beg…SO stinkin’ cute! And she blew it off that, “It really wasn’t that hard…”  And the hand stamped card…nice touch. She’s super crafty and talented and she doesn’t even have a blog—can you believe that?!? She and I get together once every few months and have a craft/sewing day.  She’s more talented than me…really its me asking for her help and she happily obliges.

The kicker?  Look at the box she used….genius!  It was the perfect size, and covering this English Muffin box with cute scrapbook paper made it so adorable!

Such cute detail, it was hard to eat.  But I got over it, and they were all gone in 24 hours.  I maybe only shared 3 or 4 with my fam. I’m ruthless when it comes to sharing my treats.  I don’t think my boys ever even saw them, so I wasn’t technically “not sharing.”

 Hands off, little one…its mama’s birthday;)

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