I’ve always been quite passionate about women getting out from behind the camera and getting in pictures more with their families. We are the ones who tend to take all of the pictures, and are often too critical of ourselves to want to be in them. Well I’m here to say that you will regret that someday, and am going to help you make some changes.

{Taken in California last summer by my friend Shari}

{taken with my phone}

This is to encourage you to take pictures you take with your loved ones.  I got a comment from Lori that said this:

“Oh, you are oh so right about this Kristen. You younger moms please take heed of this. My kids are grown (the youngest is 21) and one has passed. My husband is in lots of pictures with the kids, I’m not in so many (though there are enough that should I be blessed with grandchildren some day, they’ll know that I existed and what I looked like).”

I’ve come up with a list of 100 ideas to jump start your creativity. They are prompts to get the thinking flowing. Involve the kids, ask for their input, this can be a fun project to work on together! To me, it’s not just about taking a picture and being done, but it also promotes having fun together, and the memories that come from that fun that the kids had with you!


{Download this 8×10 printable here.}

As you use this list, the ideas of your kids, your own ideas, and come together to share with this community, we will in turn get ideas from each other.



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