Christmas Jokes

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Christmas Jokes are a fun and festive way to add some holiday cheer to your child’s or loved one’s lunch during the holiday season.

Christmas jokes


Printable Christmas Jokes

There are enough jokes in this set to cover the whole month of school lunches, or texting daily. Choose which ones you like best or print them all! 

  • Christmas Jokes 1: Download HERE
  • Elf Jokes (see at the bottom of this page) Download HERE
  • Christmas Border part 1 (see example below, double sided): Download HERE
  • Christmas Borders part 2 (double sided: Download HERE

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Christmas jokes popular?

Christmas jokes are popular because they bring joy and laughter to holiday celebrations. They add a festive and fun element to gatherings, making them more enjoyable.

Can I incorporate Christmas jokes into greeting cards?

Absolutely! Christmas jokes can add a personal and humorous touch to your holiday greeting cards, making them more memorable.

Can I use Christmas jokes in workplace or professional settings?

It’s best to exercise caution when using Christmas jokes in professional settings. Make sure they are appropriate and won’t offend anyone. Light-hearted and inclusive humor is usually a safe choice.

Christmas jokes

Ideas For Jokes

The fun thing about these printable jokes is that there are tons of uses for them. It all comes down to your imagination! Here are some ideas:

  • Tape them to your bathroom mirrors
  • Place them under your kids’ pillows
  • Add them to your gift-wrapping
  • Use them at your Christmas Table set up
  • Hang them from a small Christmas Tree
  • Hide them with your Elf on the Shelf
  • Maybe Santa can leave a joke or two
  • Attach them to neighbor and friend gifts

Jokes For The Whole Year

You may also love these Elf on the Shelf jokes (to leave WITH your elf or solo as an addition to the Christmas jokes)

Elf on the Shelf jokes

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