Christmas Jokes

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Make the countdown to Christmas Break easier with these funny printable Christmas Jokes.

I love having lunch box jokes for every possible occasion!  And you can never have too many, so I have three fun sets of Christmas  Jokes for you to print and enjoy with your kids.  One of the things I love to do this time of year is print them out and slip them into my kid’s lunch boxes, but there are a lot of fun uses for these Christmas jokes.


Christmas jokes

This adorable set of printable Christmas jokes was created for me by Jessika Reed.  You can download this set of 10 adorable Christmas jokes by clicking HERE.

Printable Christmas Jokes

There are enough jokes in this set to cover 2 weeks of school lunches.  But I have more! Each of these sets have 10 more jokes!  That is a lot more Christmas fun!

You can download a set of 10 jokes with fun patterned boarders HERE,

Christmas jokes

And the another set of  jokes with the same patterned boarders is available to download HERE.

Christmas jokes

A special thanks to my friend Aimee at Sprik Space who designed the borders from her 12 days of Christmas pattern pieces.

These cheerful Christmas patterns match perfectly with your gifts if you want to use them to decorate a gift.  Or you can hang them from a small tree or use them at your dinner table to entertain your guest.  Place them under their pillows, tape them to bathroom mirrors, let your Elf of the Shelf hide them.  The possibilities for these Christmas jokes are endless!

Christmas is a wonderful time for starting new traditions, and I hope these printable Christmas lunch box jokes will become part of a new tradition in your family.  And the tradition can be carried on throught the year with my other printable jokes:

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Want so see more family Christmas ideas?  Click on the image below!


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