Christmas Slime Recipe

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This Christmas Slime Recipe is hours of fun for the slime crafters. With peppermint extract & candy cane beads, it surely brings out the holiday cheer!

Christmas Slime Recipe

When I say that my girls love slime, that is quite the understatement. They’ve been collecting supplies for months now, and the obsession doesn’t seem to be wearing down. They’ve tried all the recipes, and love to experiment with different slime ingredients. When I suggested we make a Christmas slime recipe, they were pretty excited about what that actually might entail. Of course this slime recipe doesn’t HAVE to be “Christmas-y”, just change colors to whatever you love.

We found some candy cane beads and buttons at Hobby Lobby. I looked on Amazon, and found a few as well, I’ll link below. We also got some red and green glitter, and it was really funny to see how the two colors, that are the same size, separated when we let the slime sit for a few hours. We put a TON of glitter in one Christmas slime that we made, but then just a little bit in another one we crafted. You get to decide how much glitter to put in!

My girls love texture, so they liked the beads. They’ve used slime floam in the past before. If you aren’t sure what floam is, I’ll also link it below, along with anything you might need to make any slime recipe.

Christmas Slime Recipe

  • clear glue
  • liquid starch (sta-flo)
  • peppermint extract
  • red and green glitter
  • Christmas beads

{see measurements below}

My girls are also excited to gift slime to friends, so we showed how we packaged it up at the end of the video we made. I’ve also got lots of Christmas gift tags you can print for free on my site.

Slime Recipe

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Slime Recipe

  • 1/2 cup clear glue
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 3 T liquid starch (sta-flo)
  • 3 t liquid starch (sta-flo)
  • 1 t glitter
  • 1-2 T buttons or small beads
  1. Mix glue and water. Add 3T+3t liquid starch at the same time and stir. Stir until it starts to gel, then stir some more.

    Stir and knead and stir and let it sit to gell more. If it feels too sticky, add more liquid starch.


Here is the fun little video we made that shows (QUICKLY) how we made the slime.


Here are a few ingredients to get your slime recipe needs started. The gallon glue is NOT in the recipe above, but in different slime recipes, and my daughters use it a bunch.

slime recipe

Christmas gift tags (free prints):

To turn this slime recipe into a gift, grab some containers, some ribbon, and a gift tag from one of the links below and you’re all set!

slime gift idea

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