Co-Parenting with Kindness and Flexibility

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Todays chat is with a fellow podcaster, Jason Harwood.  I’m happy to have another DAD on the podcast! I think the fathers perspective is important to hear, even while knowing that MOST of you listening are women.  I asked Jason in our interview what we as women and mothers can do to show more support to our husbands in their parenting role.  And I am grateful for his response. He shared some insight on how he and his wife co-parent with two other households.  Even if it isn’t a situation that you are in, I believe you will find that portion of our chat valuable.

Also in the interview, we talk about how I discovered HIS podcast. That’s how we got to know each other.  And he interviewed me for his podcast as well.  That episode goeLIVE on Friday, so check it out!

Co Parenting with Kindness and Flexibility

“Adjust while staying SOLID to core principles.” This is the insight I really loved when Jason described parenting teens. Flexibility, all parents have to have it!

Listen right here or download now!


In a co-parenting situation where all adult parties don’t see eye to eye, you have to go deeper than “because I said so.” Explaining the WHY you feel so passionately is important not just in a co-parenting situation, but important in life anyway. We want our kids to really understand WHY we have the rules that we have.

Of course we talked about technology, including phones in a cupboard, UNPLUGGING, and turning off Notifications.

A few favorite quotes from our chat:

  • Begin with the end in mind.
  • Are you helping the problem or adding to the problem?
  • There’s no situation so bad that complaining about it won’t make it worse.
  • Men often have the same self doubt struggles as women, but will exhibit different behaviors to cover it.
  • Help your husband be a better dad by noticing and complimenting when he does something great.
  • Just be NICE. Remove judgement to understand others stories better. Who did you find to be nice to today?

Favorite Family Games:

  • Corner Game
  • Heads Up (app)
  • SkipBo
  • PIT

Scripture I mentioned at the end: Alma 37:6-7 By Small and Simple Things are Great Things brought to pass.

You can find Jason at his website: or Instagram @HelpMeUnderstandTheBOM

Also, I would love to hear from you about what you love, want to hear more of, and even what you might want to hear less of on the podcast. I LOVE and appreciate your feedback!

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