The Color Run 5k

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Have you ever done The Color Run 5k? It’s a great family fun activity, see when it’s coming to your town! Not only is it in the US, but in many countries as well.

The Color Run--the happiest 5k on the planet, such a fun family activity!

Our family got to attend the event and run in April, you don’t have to be a runner to do it, lots of people were walking. It’s all about the color, and the PICTURES! They throw colorful powder on you at the color stations, and at the end, you’ve got a rainbow going on.   We did a similar race about 5 years ago, and it was called Color Me Rad. I’m not sure if the name changed or if it’s a different event, but either way, it’s a fun activity.

I made a video that is fun to watch, but I wanted to include a few more pictures in this post without the video moving.

Why I love the color run 5k

  1. exercise
  2. exercise as a family
  3. fun family activity
  4. COLOR
  5. great fun pictures captured

Just because I’ve got a family of runners, doesn’t mean you have to RUN to enjoy this event. Walk, speed walk, get pushed in a stroller (my daughter did 5 years ago when we first did this).

There is a reason why the call it the happiest 5k on the planet, it’s so FUN!

I was pretty proud of myself for letting go just a little bit, and asked my boys if they each wanted to invite a friend. I got the ticket complimentary, and they gave me a few extras. Usually, I’m all about FAMILY TIME, and I’m grateful that my kids are close, love each other, and they don’t generally ask to have friend join us (there isn’t room in our car anyway), but I figured..why not. My boys were going to run ahead of us anyway, I can let go just a little.the color run

I don’t know if I’m alone in that or not, but I’m often selfish when it comes to stuff like this, but I recognize the importance also for my kids to do fun stuff like this with their friends, so why not combine the two every once in a while? I figure when my boys are out of the house, the girls will get more of a chance to do this, and they didn’t seem to mind that the boys got to ask a friend this time.

There may have been a moment (or 20) at the end of the race where we were looking for the boys…you know, so I could get that perfect family pictures…and we couldn’t find them. Turns out they went to run the course again to find us.  Eventually we got some family shots.

BONUS: I had a photographer and a videographer in their two friends, so can’t complain about that!!!the color run


My boys did go ahead with their friends, because they wanted to “win” but turns out, there wasn’t a whole lot of competition. No chip timers or real finish line, just for FUN! My husband and I enjoyed it with our girls.

Here is a fun little video I put together of our family at the color run:

YouTube video

And here are a handful of my favorite pictures:

the color run

They had a unicorn on hand to meet and greet, and I do love the unicorn medal we all got at the end.

happy color run

Below is my “setting up the shot” test shot. I get the settings and focus ready on my camera, then pass it off. That space is for me to run into! {I kinda love the reality in this shot}


the color run


the color run 5k

family fun run

the color run

the color run pictures

unicorn at the color run

unicorn mile marker

foam bath at the color run


dancing at the color run

powder at the color run

color fight

the color run

This little cutie wandered off and didn’t realize it, and neither did we! After a few minutes of searching, we found each other again. My girl was worried…I knew she was close.

lost at a race

the color run race

the color run

after the color run

Here is a peek at the color run we did 5 years ago. Click the link to see more.

the color run

Have you ever done a family activity fun race like this? The color run is a great place to start! See their upcoming dates and locations on their site.

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