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When we moved to our current house nearly 7 years ago, I was leaving behind our 1st home with a big grocery store just a few blocks away. I started to panic that I wouldn’t have that anymore, and our new home was tucked away from retail, and the grocery store was a good 15 minutes. I consulted with a friend in the neighborhood, expressing my worries, and she came back with, “CVS is pretty close, you can get bread and milk and lots of other pantry items you need quickly.” That completely calmed my fears. Really, the bread and milk are the staples I worried about, and I felt totally good then.  Today, I’m partnering with CVS Pharmacy to share about their Receipt You Later program. Did you know you can get digital receipt on the app, and do away with the looooong receipts of the past?? Yep, it’s true. You can actually choose for one or both.

CVS receipt you later

I worked with CVS for this post, but all opinions are my own.

So, in the past, whenever I’ve gone to my CVS, I’d get the super long receipts with some pretty substantial coupons included. I’d stuff them in my purse, and never see them again. That’s how disorganized I am. Now, with my new account via the app, they are saved in there, and I’m reminded of them via notifications when I walk in the door. Nothing to keep track of, I like it.

This definitely saves me in both time AND money, I like that combo!  These receipts are often personalized, too, based on what I’ve purchased before.

I’d like to think I have the ability to be an organized person. This blog definitely doesn’t have a whole lot of that going on. I keep trying, and I won’t give up, but this new program at CVS will save me, and for that I’m grateful. I don’t have to think about trying to keep track of the great discounts I see on the paper receipts because they will be saved for me in my account.

CVS Pharmacy has a commitment to their customers, and they hear LOUD and CLEAR that people didn’t care for the long receipts, though they loved the savings, and worked hard to pull the app together to make a seamless process.

Do you know what else I can do on the app? Order pictures! I’ve definitely used the CVS photo lab before, and now I do it all from my phone.

CVS phone app

Go ahead and download the app today, search for a CVS when you are traveling, upload photos for prints, shop online, grab coupons. Time saver, for sure.

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