Decorating with Portraits at Less Cake {more frosting}

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Hi, my name is Lara (also known as Ellie G). I blog at Less Cake {more frosting}. I am so happy that Kristen asked me to stop by.

But I have a confession…..we don’t have very many pictures up right now.

I know! And it’s certainly not because I don’t love them to pieces. I love them, I take them, and USUALLY I display them.

We are currently in the middle of planning (and trying to “fund”) a small re-model at our house, and most of the photos have come down until we get it done. (I miss them)

But recently, we had a bit of a “difference of opinion” on how they’re displayed. {that’s code for, hubs wasn’t a fan} He didn’t like the mish-mosh of family photos and school photos on the blue background, and snap-shots, and Christmas card shots, and JCPenny Specials (it’s reality, I can’t help it).

We actually have a fairly clean and contemporary design style. And sometimes it’s hard to fit photos into that kind of decor. Especially when lots of color on the wall can detract from a super clean look.


So one of our favorite ways to display photos is with very clean black & white photos and very simple black (or silver) frames.

For some reason, keeping them black & white helps them keep a cleaner design look. And I kinda love how you can throw a professional shot and a snap-shot together, and have them blend.



Another confession, ALL our frames are cheep-ee ones. Like dollar store, or clearance aisle. But when the color and the photos match…..somehow I don’t notice that much.

One day I want to live in the pages of a House Beautiful Magazine. Where all the accessories are perfectly matched. And no college furnishings are allowed. And all the photos look like stunning pieces of modern art.

But for now….I live in reality. Where sometimes we can’t afford a professional, and sometimes we buy frames at WalMart, and sometimes we have stinky breath. It’s true. This is the best we can do. And I still love it!


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