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Hi new friends!
It’s fantastic to meet you, I’m so delighted to be at Kristen’s beautiful blog today. :O)
Wow. Are you kidding me with these portrait ideas I’ve been seeing here this month? Where do these women come up with this stuff?? I absolutely love that they all have such unique and creative thoughts. I was feeling pretty good about my idea, but after looking at theirs, I’m thinking “umm…”. Haha. (Story of my life!)
Ok, so to tell you truth, when Kristen was kind enough to ask me to contribute to the Decorating With Portraits series, I reluctantly turned down the opportunity simply because I didn’t have any portraits to decorate with. I am one of those shamefully negligent picture-hangers, with heaps of wonderful intentions and…bare walls. :O/ It was really an act of goodwill for Kirsten to encourage me to use any old photos I have to create some family artwork!
Here’s what I came up with:
I bought a poster-sized (26″x34″) frame and filled it with lots of horizontal wallet sized photos…

But before sending the photos to be printed, I gave some of them a dreamy, pink cast. The others, I added a darker, brownish cast.

Then I laid them out so that the darker photos make a letter “P” for our last name! Simple!
I almost left them all the dreamy pink color because it looked so pretty.
If you’d like to try this yourself, upload your photos to Photoshop and cover each one with the rectangle tool in a pinkish hue and lower the opacity until it looks right to you.(Here is an example with #FFBFB4 color, 35% opacity:)
That’s it! Piece of cake. :O) 
And If you don’t have Photoshop, no problem! You can definitely try it with colored/black and white photos instead of pink/brown.
Kristen, thank you so much for inspiring me to take the photo-decorating leap! I don’t think I could’ve done it without you ;o) Now I can’t wait to start using some of the other ladies’ ideas!
Have a really wonderful day, everyone!
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