Decorating with Portraits at Simplicity Photography

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I am Angie Monson and I am a photographer in Salt Lake City, Utah. I also create digital designs for albums and holiday cards.

Since we just bought our new house I knew that I wanted to hang photos all over our house. So I didn’t want it to look to contrived, so I decided to order brown and white frames but with different trims and openings in each frame. I am always inspired when I look in decor magazines and love how when they hang photos and artwork it looks so random, yet effortless. I wanted it to look like that teenager that just rolls out of bed but that looks uber-cool:)

When I purchased my first from from Hardwood Frames I was so happy with the result. The quality was awesome and I just loved that I could order the print (I printed on Metallic with a Palette Knife texture) with it…  and it was ready to hang. I like easy.

I ordered the square print for the middle and then a bunch of random sizes to cozy up around the sides of it and just hoped that it would all work out. When I got the frames I just laid them out on my living room floor and set them up to my liking.  Then I took a picture with my iphone. That way I could recreate the look on the wall. After only one spat with husband the frames were hung!!
Now whenever I walk by the wall I am happy to see our little family on our wall:) The great thing is that it’s easy to swap out portraits every year when we get new family photos done. I always get comments on this wall when neighbors or friends drop it. I just love it and it’s so worth the effort!

 {LOVE this!  Thank you, Angie.  I had the change to assist Angie in a few photo shoots in February 2010, and it was fun to watch her style and learn a bit about her processing.  Her work has a very unique look that I just love. Visit Angie’s Website, Blog, or Design page to see more of her work.}

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