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We are so excited to be part of Kristen’s Decorating with Portraits Series! We absolutely love her work and think she is so talented.
We are the Six Sisters at Six Sisters Stuff . . . that’s right, six girls and no boys! Growing up, we had our share of petty fights over clothes, make-up, and even boys . . . but thankfully we have grown up and are now best friends. We LOVE to be together but life, jobs, school, marriage, and babies have taken us pretty far apart from each other so we use our blog to share ideas and stay in touch. Our blog is full of family recipes, fun crafts, DIY projects, and ideas for raising kids. Feel free to stop by our blog and join the sisterhood! There is always room for one more!

I am Elyse, one of the Six Sisters, and today I am sharing a few ideas I have used in my home to decorate with portraits. I love having pictures of my loved ones all over my house but have a husband who isn’t a big fan of putting holes in the walls. I came up with a few ideas to still display the pictures I love while making very few holes in the walls.

I wanted to find a way to hang some of our wedding pictures that was cute and different than a usual gallery wall. I found unfinished wood frames at Hobby Lobby for $6 each (or less if you use a coupon!), spray painted them black, drilled two holes in the top of each frame, sanded the edges to rough them up a bit and attached them to a curtain rod with ribbon. It was an inexpensive, easy project! We love having these pictures displayed to bring back memories of our special day.

My toddler is getting ready to move into a big boy room. I was having trouble coming up with a way to display pictures in a sports themed room without it looking to “feminine.” I was given this cork board as a hand-me-down. I sanded down the wood edge and spray painted it red. My little boy looks at it every day and loves to point out and name each person in the pictures. He thinks it is so cool to see himself and cousins on his wall and makes him feel important.

Even though there isn’t a baby to fill the nursery yet, we thought we would display our first pictures taken of our little one. A magnet board is a great way to display pictures because it is so easy to change. I can put up new pictures of our baby as it grows without having to hang frames (or put holes in the wall, which makes for one happy husband)!

We love the way that having these portraits up brings such a warm feeling to our home!
Thanks for having us! 

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