Decorating with Portraits at The Anderson Crew

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Well hello there!  I’m Emily and I spend my free moments blogging over at The Anderson Crew.
When Kristen asked me to contribute to this series, I immediately said “YES!” and then after that had a bit of a freak out session because I realized that the way I display our photos would probably never get an “interior design worthy” nod.
But, I sucked it up and realized that, while it might not always look pretty, it does reflect us…and that is what matters most.
When you first walk into my home, this is what you see:
It’s our shoe corral, adorned with photos of our littles (minus our newest little…we are in the process of moving, so most of our photos and decor have come down, so I didn’t add her photo knowing I’d be taking it down quickly)
Having these large photos (sized 11 x 14) on the wall, right as you walk in, is always a crowd pleaser.
The rest of my photos are displayed within my decorating.  I hung this bunting up over my sink, nearly 2 years ago for a baby shower I hosted, and never took it down.  It became a way to showcase photos as well.  And they are pinned on with a clothespin, so it’s very easy to switch it up.
In my living room, you’ll find this wall above our couch:
It’s filled with lots of little knick knacks (I’m a sucker for knick knacks), plus a few photos that mean a lot to me.
Also in our living room, I display photos on this shelf:
As you’ll notice, it’s also full of a bunch of random other stuff too.
But you see, that’s how I like to display my photos.  Mixed in with other important stuff in our lives.
If our photos are supposed to be a representation of us, what better to surround them with then crafts made by our kids and items that mean a lot to you.
Please enjoy the snowmen, pictures and dust.
Being real here, I’ve got 6 kids and no time to dust.  And even if I had the time I’m not sure I would do it.
My encouragement to you would be to hang your photos (creatively or not) in places that make you happy.  And they don’t have to be professional photos (although I highly recommend you get your family pictures taken once a year!)…but snap shots will do.  If it makes you smile, it’s bound to make others smile, so put it out for all to see.
Thanks for having me, Kristen!
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