Decorating with Portraits~Imitation Polaroids

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I’ve had this BIG wall that I’ve had no clue what to do with, til one day it hit me as I viewed another photographers studio display. Fake Polaroids on a clothesline…awesome! I’ve been scheming this idea for months, and finally put it together last weekend. I plan to switch out the images during the holidays and then after the New Year put some shots from our fall portrait session (coming up here soon).

Ta da….

So, here we have 15 Halloween/Fall Themed images.  I included a Halloween my hubby and I celebrated engaged, pregnant with our first (pumpkin tummy) and then through the years with our kids.  I had to scan a bunch from my scrapbook pages.  I just LOVE looking at it…and guess what?  SO DO MY KIDS!  I just have to try to kindly urge them not to touch, or it may all fall down.  I am putting up a “Happy Halloween” sign just above it…but not done yet.

Here are the images so you can see them better:

 If you have some great ideas for decorating with portraits, email them to me and I’ll feature them!

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