Decorating My Home with Pictures

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Alright, are you ready to see my home?  I’ve shared some of these before, but I’m going to give you a little tour, then show you the big project that I’ve been working on at the end.

Off of my front door is a 16×20 canvas of my kiddies that I adore from the feather pillow fight I staged a few months ago.  Love this shot of them.

On the left is a little peek into my office where I crank out this here blog. That’s on a relatively clean day…not so much right now.

Below, a canvas I got free of our family.  Not a fan of this particular canvas because it is so thin (1/2 thick maybe).  It looks cheaper and the color is off, but I’ve got it so why not display it, right?  When ordering a canvas, make sure it is 1.5 inch thick.  Looks SO much nicer!  I wish this were bigger than a 16×20 actually…I need to add another to even out the space….note to self.

These pics below were taken in the snow in March 2010, and I love how happy and colorful they are.  These are 20×24 prints framed. To see more of this family shoot, click here.

The little nook off of the Master has a portrait of our wedding day. I also have the announcement up and framed on the opposite wall.

Some pics of my hubby and I in our room, below.  I once heard to keep the Master bedroom only about the couple, and I’ve stuck to that.  We have a large print of the Eiffel Tower that I took when we visited France a few years ago, too. Memories of us…

Upon leaving the house below, just a little reminder of how much the kiddies are loved as they go in and out the garage door (on the left).

In my kitchen, I have these 8×10 prints mounted on a board and resting on a plate rack.  To see that family shoot up close, click here.

In my girls room, below.  I took pics of my oldest daughter and mimmicked for her sister. They are crawling over a mirror, so you can see the dual faces.

This giant easel is in my office with the 20×30 print of my oldest 3 about 5 years ago.  I like BIG!

Sadly, I had to move this display from a prominant spot, to make room for our current images.  We took these family portraits last Fall, and I got 2 printed as a 16×20 on metal.   I loved the different texture it offered, but most people didn’t believe it was printed on metal until I tapped it.  Tap, tap. Then 8×10 immitation polaroids on a clothesline. To see more of these pics, click here.

If you can’t tell, I like to change it up in the ways I display.  From canvas to metal to frames big and small.  Below, I got crafty with a mod podge project with individual shots of my kids mounted on wood. Check out my tutorial here, mod podge portraits.

Now to my latest project.  I have wanted to do vintage window pane’s as frames for a LONG time, and I finally found some!  I love the square shape with 9 panes each.  I’ll share a step by step later on, but this was a bit of a beast.  I’d like to say it wasn’t…but it was;) 18 smaller  images (10×10) and then the big dawg silhouette.  This may or may not have caused me to have a self prescribed panic attack (that, along with have a very full plate on said day).  So be very impressed, please!  These were taken by my dear friend Shari based out of Huntington Beach, California at Shari Hanson Photography.  I took her maternity pictures (see those here) and to see our family beach pics up close, click to see them here.  Shari and I were buddies in high school and we reconnected a few years ago over photography.  

I love that my kids will see this as they walk down the stairs every day.  It paints a picture of our family as a team, and reminds us that we have fun and love each other.

i love us print from Eighteen25 (you can get one, too).

In case you can’t tell, the giant squares are 38×36 inches…BIG!  I worried the silhouette colors would distract from the soft blue/turq. on the beach, but hubby loved it, so that helped me decide to keep it up.  I’m happy about this display and getting it up was tough, so it might stay there forever!

Whew!  That wraps up the big series, but I will continue to share inspirational ideas on how to Decorate your homes with portraits (aiming for once a week).  It’s been a passion of mine for a long time, so this won’t end!  I’ll plan to try to get a month of contributors again, this was too much fun.  I will have the link party up through the 7th, so if you are working on a project, that’s your deadline!  Keep posted for lots and lots of pictures coming up;)

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