Decorating with Silly Pictures

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Hi Capturing Joy Readers! This is Amber from Crazy Little Projects. I am honored to be part of Kristen’s Decorating with Pictures series. I read Kristen’s Say No to Auto Book a year or two ago and it changed my life, so I’ve loved her ever since.

Over at Crazy Little Projects blog a lot about beginner sewing projects, baking ideas, cute printables and fun projects to do with kids, so doing this project was a bit of a step out for me. And just the kick in the pants I needed to get some decorating done around my house!

My master bedroom is very large and decorating is not my forte. At all. So this thing has sat mostly undecorated since we moved into our house almost 3 years ago. (Just check out these awful before pictures here.) Finally I created something for that space!!!

I took 4 picture frames, painted them turquoise and added some kooky pictures of my kids:

4 Pictures

and then I mounted them on a piece of bead board to add a little depth and excitement to it:

Cute and easy way to decorate with pictures

And hung them in my room! Now when I lay in my bed I can gaze at my cute little crazies! It turned out really nice and wasn’t too terribly difficult.

Come on over to Crazy Little Project for the full tutorial on how to do this (because if I can do this-trust me, you can too!)

And…if you sew or have ever wanted to learn to sew, I’d love for you to join me for my current series-the Sew Crazy Monthly Challenge. Check it out here:

Sew Crazy Monthly Challenge with Crazy Little Projects

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Thank you, Amber! I LOVE the silly pictures, and I bet your kids love it, too!

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