Donut Jokes

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Donut Jokes will surely make your kids and their friends laugh! Just print, cut, and slip them into their lunches for a sweet note from you while they are away at school.

Donut Jokes

Donut jokes are a fabulous new set of lunch notes to add to the collection of hundreds of lunch box jokes on my site.  I mean, who doesn’t like donuts??? I started sharing sets several years ago.  And not only have they been a big hit with you guys, but I LOVE sending them to school with my kids. And they love them too!  They pull them out and share the jokes with their friends.  And when I forget to add one to their lunch box, they are bummed out!!  A few of my kids even keep them all in a mini collection in a side zipper of their lunch box, and will bring them out in stacks to share on lull days.

Why couldn’t the teddy bear eat his donut?  Why did the donut go to the doctor?  You will have to download the donut jokes to find out!

>>>>> Download your free printable donut joke cards HERE!!! <<<<<

In case you didn’t know, I’ve got TONS of jokes for kids all available in these fun printable cards.  I have jokes holidays, seasons, themes and more!  Make sure to check out all of my lunch box jokes!

Prepare to get some “awesome mom” points for this one!

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