Editable Football Schedule Template

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Hey y’all. It’s Jessika from Hip and Simple. It’s the month my husband waits for every year; the start of college football! It’s more exciting than Christmas around these parts. In celebration, I am sharing an editable football schedule template. 

football schedule template

My dad likes football so I thought I understood what it meant to “like football”. HA! I really had no idea what I was getting into when I married into such a hard core obsession like college football! It’s a lifestyle; one that I’m still getting used to but really love embracing it. Luckily, my husband isn’t too crazy. He is a huge fan for sure but he could be more obsessed and fanatic about it so I’m grateful for the level of dedication we have in our home.

football schedule template

It can be a really fun passion and tradition to have in your home. Parties, rivalries, cheering, oh and don’t even get me started on the food! I’m all about taking things and making them cute and functional. In the past, we’ve received football schedule magnets. Usually swag items from companies so their name ends up on your fridge. These things are usually not attractive but keeping your favorite teams schedule handy is always nice. So I thought, why not take that idea and beautify it a little. Ya know, something I’d be okay hanging on the fridge or wall.

Whether you are a die hard fan, supportive spouse or want to keep up on the schedule for your local traffic awareness near stadiums, this editable football schedule free printable will be something easy to keep you organized in a cute way.

Editable Football Schedule Template

Printable Football Schedule Template

Now the pictures in this post are for our favorite college football team but I understand that not everyone is a fan so this is completely editable and has space for up to 18 games, which means you can also use it for college football or the NFL. Print out one for your favorite college team and NFL or multiple teams. Whatever you want. The year is even editable so you can update it and keep using it over and over again while keeping a cute and fun design.

The template is available HERE on a Google Drive slideshow template and is sized to 8×10.

Edit your football schedule template to reflect your favorite team or print out your kids team schedule to give to family, friends, and teammate!

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