Episode #013 Brian Monsen // Losing his Dad, gaining a Blended Family

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Welcome to episode number THIRTEEN! I’VE interviewed my friend Brian Monsen, and I’m delighted to have our 2nd FATHER sharing his thoughts on parenting. Brian talks about growing up in a blended family.  He says it was a great environment, which is commendable for his parents.

Parenting Discussion on losing a father and gaining a blended family

My goal is to have a dad represent every 6-8 weeks or so.  Lets see how I do with that as we move forward! If you missed our first fatherly interview, that was my dad in episode #6. It was SO extensive that I split it into part A and part B. He had a LOT to say, and I’m so grateful for his insights, my example as a truly intentional parent.

My friend Brian has quite positive outlook on life. He lost his dad at a fairly young age, and as the oldest child, he recognized his role as the man of the house after that. He gets emotional as he speaks about his mom and the incredible woman that she is, and the strength she showed after his fathers passing away. Her eventual re-marriage led to a blended family, beating out the Brady Bunch with 4 and 4, the exact same grades!

Raising his own family

I loved what he shared about volunteering for his kids activities and how he made time, and what he thinks employers think about that.  I think any dad listening would find it helpful.

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