Ghana Canopy Walk: Kakum National Park

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When we visited the Kakum National Park Canopy Walk in Ghana, it was one of 2 tourist type spots we saw while in Ghana. Destination events, so to speak.  There isn’t a lot of tourism, so this was pretty cool to participate in. We drove down to the Cape Coast from Accra (about 3 hours), and this National Park was 1 hour off the beaten path (it actually WAS a BEATEN PATH to get there), but it was worth the effort–so fun!

Ghana Canopy Walk Kakum National Park

I posted a picture on Instagram, and a lot of people mentioned they’d never be able to do it, because they are afraid of heights. I guess I don’t consider myself having a fear of tall things, but my husband isn’t a big fan (of heights), and he says he’s glad he went. We all felt very secure, the ropes are checked daily, etc. It was a RUSH of adrenaline, and pretty awesome.  I thought it was just one bridge from point A to point B, but there were actually 7 bridges, connected by platforms out in the middle of the forest.

My biggest concern was dropping my camera overboard. Fortunately, that did not happen. The hour long drive down the dirt road to get there was filled with giant pot holes, but we got a great glimpse into the lives for Ghanaians in another spot. I love those glimpses.  There are supposedly lots of animals down below, but it was so far, we couldn’t see much, and I didn’t really try to look anyway! I felt totally safe and secure on the rope bridge, and it was altogether lots of fun!

Rope bridge in Ghana

Ghana Travel canopy walk

We met some college students from another part of Ghana, and they wanted to take some pictures with myself and my youngest atop the tower on one of the trees (that happened a few spots in Ghana). My son is clearly excited about it. They snapped a bunch on their phone, then I grabbed a shot, too.

Ghana students

I’ll just let the pictures do the rest of the talking!

rope bridge canopy walk

Rope Bridge above trees in Ghana


Kids on the canopy walk rope bridge


Rope bridge above trees

Ghana rope bridge

Ghana tourism travel tips


Bridge Canopy walk above trees in Ghana

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