Glen Eyrie Unique Colorado Hotel

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If you’re looking for a unique Unique Colorado Hotel, look no further than Glen Eyrie.  This charming castle is nestled right next to the Garden of the Gods and will not disappoint.

Glen Eyrie Castle

When we made plans to move to Colorado Springs, I looked up all the great places we needed visited. On our first weekend there, we also needed a place to stay.  And in my search for a unique Colorado hotel in Colorado Springs, I stumbled upon Glen Eyrie and I fell in love.

I mean, it’s a CASTLE! And the grounds are gorgeous, and I knew it would be the perfect kick start to our move to Colorado.

Glen Eyrie Castle

“Glen Eyrie” means Valley of the Eagle’s Nest, named so by the founder, General William Jackson Palmer (the founder of Colorado Springs) in 1869. He came out on a railroad survey trip, and fell in love with this spot, and built the city around this gem of a location in the shadow of Pikes Peak.


Colorado Boutique Hotel

There is a time and a place for a chain hotel, but nothing beats the charm of a boutique hotel, something different. Glen Eyrie castle is a unique Colorado Hotel, filled with history and intrigue.

The Glen Eyrie grounds have over 700 acres, right next door to The Garden of the Gods, an iconic nature preserve in Colorado Springs, and the landscape is very similar. Not only can you sleep in the historic castle, but there are other spots on the property, including 95 rooms in total.

Tea at the castle is also a very popular event for locals. Perfect for birthdays (young and seasoned), with a hand crafted menu, conversation will surely delight with the Glen Eyrie grounds as your backdrop.

rental house on Glen Eyrie property

Marriage Retreat

We spent a few days as a family at the Glen Eyrie.  But there are many other packages available, including a marriage retreat.  You can find other retreat packages on the retreat page at this unique Colorado hotel.

You can also plan to use the Glen Eyrie as a Colorado wedding venue.


Colorado Conference Center

Not only are there large boardrooms, but also intimate meeting spaces for events of all kinds. An event planner will help you create an unforgettable conference.  There is over 16,000 sq. ft. of meeting space to choose from.  All with unbeatable views. Plan your Colorado conference on the link.

Glen Eyrie Castle

We had a really great time on our stay at the Glen Eyrie Castle.  It was just the retreat we needed before our big move.

Duke Family at Glen Eyrie

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